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你问我答学英语第111期:In terms of和about的区别

Hi there. This is an interesting question Jeoung Kim. 嗨。Jeoung Kim,这是一个有趣的问题。 There are differences between 'in terms of' and 'about' and I think that a few examples help to show them. 'in terms of'和'about'之间存在一些区别,我想举几个例子来说一下这些区别。 I'll start by saying that originally the expression 'in terms of' explained precise relationships between things, like this: 首先,我要说的是,最初,'in terms of'这个短语说明的是事物之间精确的关系,比如下面这个例子: We prefer to measure our company's success in terms of satisfied customers rather than yearly profit. 我们更愿意根据感到满意的客户,而不是年收益来衡量我们公司的成功, In terms of quality, individual players, we have a great team but the problem is they don't play football together well at all. 就水平、单个球员来说,我们有一只很棒的球队,但是问题是,队员们在一起的时候根本踢不好足球。 It means 'regarding' in these sentences: 在下面这些句子中,其含义是'regarding': I can help you in terms of your academic problems but not your financial ones. 我会在有关学术问题、而不是财政问题上帮助你, In terms of your proposal, I think you are asking for way too much money. 就你的诉求而言,我认为你要求的钱太多了。 If you hear people starting their sentence with 'in terms of', 如果你听到有人以'in terms of'开始说话, you know that they are going to talk about one aspect of something. 那么你就应该知道他们要谈论的是某事物的一方面。 If you ask a friend how their holiday was, they might say, 如果你问一个朋友假期过得怎么样,他们可能说, 'In terms of food it was great but in terms of weather it was terrible'. '要说食物,还是很不错的,但要是说到天气,那可太糟糕了。' They are making it clear that they are talking about separate aspects of the holiday, not the holiday as a whole. 这样是清楚地表明,他们在谈论的是假期的不同方面,而不是把假期当作一个整体。 You couldn't use 'about' in the example I've just given you. 在刚才我说的这个例子中,你不能使用'about'。 Actually, the word 'about' has a very wide use in English. 事实上,'about'这个单词在英语中应用非常广。 It means concerning a particular topic in general, not just one aspect of it. 其表达的是一个特定主题的总体,而不是其中一个方面。 So you could say: It's a website about English. 因此你可以说:这是一个关于英语的网站。 It's a book about grammar. 这是一本有关语法的书籍。 What was the lecture about? 这篇文章是关于什么内容的? But in these examples you couldn't replace 'about' with 'in terms of' 但是在这些例子当中,你不能用'in terms of'来替换'about', because you are talking in general and not trying to establish a relationship between things or a certain aspect of it. 因为你说的是总的情况,并且不要试着在某事物和它的某一特定方面之间建立关系。 So let's put both 'in terms of' and 'about' in the same sentence and see if the difference between them is clear now: 接下来,让我们把'in terms of'和'about'放在同一个句子当中,看看他们之间的区别是否明显: It's a really interesting novel about kids' lives in Hollywood but in terms of vocabulary, it's really challenging. 这真的是一本非常有趣的描写好莱坞孩子生活的小说,但是关于词汇这一方面,可真具有挑战性。 Finally, you could say that this BBC website is all 'about' Learning English. 最后,你也可以说,这个BBC网站都是有关学习英语的。 And 'in terms of' grammar help, it is extremely useful to learners like yourself! 而在语法帮助方面,这个网站对像你这样的学习者来说,是非常有用的! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501676.html