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你问我答学英语第110期:Inside job 内部犯罪

Hello Miguel. Thank you for asking about the phrase 'to be an inside job'; a phrase which refers to the world of CRIme. 你好,米格尔。感谢你提问有关'to be an inside job'这个短语的问题;这是一个犯罪界中的短语。 It is probably best if I desCRIbe an example. 最好是我能够举一个例子。 Imagine you want to steal a fantastic and expensive diamond from a museum 假设你想要从一家博物馆里偷一颗美妙又昂贵的钻石, a story we have often seen in the movies, I'm sure you will agree. 这是一个我们在电影中经常看到的情节,我确定你同意这一点。 The problem is, of course, that the museum has excellent security and alarm systems, and the doors are heavily locked. 当然,问题是这家博物馆有非常出色的安全及报警系统,大门也被锁上了。 How can you get the diamond? Well, you could of course use dynamite to blow the doors off, 你要怎样才能获得这颗钻石呢?你当然可以使用炸药把门炸开, but that would be a little noisy and I imagine the security guards and the police would soon be after you. 但是声音可能会有些大,我想保安和警察会马上追上你。 Alternatively, you could recruit one of the security guards to join your CRIminal gang. 或者,你可以将其中一个保安招募到你的犯罪团伙当中来。 This guard could then tell you all the details about the security arrangements, give you the code to deactivate the alarm, 这名保安之后会告诉你有关安保部署的细节,给你解除警报的密码, and best of all, could leave a side entrance door unlocked for you to enter the museum. 而最棒的一点是,他可以给你留一个没上锁的侧门,让你进入博物馆。 If you did this, if you recruited the security guard, you would have a gang member inside the museum, 如果你这么做,如果你招募一名保安,你就会在博物馆内部有一个团伙成员, and this man would have inside knowledge about the security systems. 这个人就会有关于安保系统的内部信息。 Inside knowledge is the secret knowledge that only people who are members of an organisation, in this case the museum, have. 内部信息是指只有一个机构--在这个例子中,也就是博物馆--的成员才知道的绝密信息。 So, one dark, moonless night, you steal the diamond and leave the country. 因此,在一个漆黑无月的夜晚,你偷走了钻石,离开了这个国家。 However, the theft is soon discovered and the police begin their investigation. What do they realise? 但是,这一盗窃行为不久就被发现了,警察开始了他们的调查行动。他们会想到什么? Well, as dynamite wasn't used to blow the doors off, and as the alarm didn't go off, 由于并没有用炸药把门炸开,又由于警报没有响起, they realise that the gang included someone who had this secret, or inside, knowledge. 他们会意识到,这个团伙中的某个人,知道这一绝密的、内部的信息。 They realise that this robbery was 'an inside job'. 他们意识到这次盗窃是一起'an inside job'(内部犯罪)。 The thieves were not simply outsiders, or strangers to the museum, 盗贼们不仅仅是外面的人,或者是对博物馆陌生的人, one of the gang worked for the museum and used his knowledge to help the crime succeed. 团伙中的其中一个人可能在博物馆里工作,并利用他的信息来协助犯罪成功。 It is at this point that the security guard has to start running! 这时候,那名保安必须要开始溜之大吉了! So, that is the meaning of 'to be an inside job'. 因此,这就是'to be an inside job'的含义。 Personally, I don't recommend that you try to get practical experience of this expression 就我个人而言,我不建议你尝试着去获得这种表达的实践经验, and I also hope that you never fall victim to a crime that is an inside job. 我也希望你不要成为一起内部犯罪的受害者。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501675.html