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美国语文第四册 第104期:谁的亲人沉睡在这里(01)

Into a ward of the whitewashed halls, 谁的亲人被抬进医院的 Where the dead and dying lay, 一间病房,那里躺着 Wounded by bayonets, shells, and balls, 已死和垂死的人, Somebody's darling was borne one day; 被刺刀、子弹和炮弹所伤; Somebody's darling, so young and brave, 谁的亲人,年轻而勇敢, Wearing yet on his pale, sweet face, 甜美的面孔,却苍白如纸, Soon to be hid by the dust of the grave, 可这青年英俊的光芒, The lingering light of his boyhood's grace. 却即将被坟墓的尘土淹没。 Matted and damp are the curls of gold, 绺绺金色的鬈发, Kissing the snow of that fair young brow; 亲吻着年轻美丽的前额; Pale are the lips of delicate mold— 纤弱的双唇如此苍白—— Somebody's darling is dying now. 谁的亲人即将死去。 Back from his beautiful, blue-veined brow, 美丽的带有青筋的前额, Brush all the wandering waves of gold; 金色的卷发荡漾着波澜; Cross his hands on his bosom now; 双手交叉在胸前; Somebody's darling is still and cold. 谁的亲人已无法动弹。 Kiss him once for somebody's sake, 替他的亲人与他吻别, Murmur a prayer soft and low; 柔和地低声为他祷告; One bright curl from its fair mates take; 那一缕金色的卷发; They were somebody's pride, you know; 曾经是谁的骄傲; 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501650.html