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美国语文第四册 第103期:鲁滨逊·克鲁索的衣服(02)

I had on a broad belt of goatskin dried, which I drew together with two thongs of the same, instead of buckles; 我系着一个晒干的山羊皮做的宽皮带,用相同材料的皮条系住,而不是用搭扣; and, in a kind of frog on each side of this, instead of a sword and dagger, hung a little saw and hatchet;one on one side, and one on the other. 在皮带两侧的饰扣里,悬挂的不是剑和匕首,而是小锯和斧子。 I had another belt not so broad, and fastened in the same manner, which hung over my shoulder; 我还有另一个皮带,不这么宽,也用山羊皮的皮条系着,斜搭在肩上; and at the end of it, under my left arm, hung two pouches, both made of goatskin, too; in one of which hung my powder, in the other my shot. 我的左腋下的一端,挂着两个山羊皮做的口袋;一个口袋装着火药,另一个口袋装着子弹。 At my back I carried my basket, on my shoulder my gun, and over my head a great, clumsy, ugly, goatskin umbrella, 我的身后背着筐,肩上扛着枪,头上顶着一把巨大的、样子笨拙而丑陋的山羊皮做的雨伞, but which, after all, was the most necessary thing I had about me, next to my gun. 但是,毕竟这是除枪以外最有用的东西。 As for my face, the color of it was really not so dark as one might expect from a man not at all careful of it, and living within nine or ten degrees of the equator. 至于我的脸,对于像我这样不太在乎,还不算黑。而且生活在距离赤道九或十度以内的人, My beard I had once suffered to grow till it was about a quarter of a yard long; 我容忍胡须长到大约四分之一码长; but, as I had both scissors and razors sufficient, I had cut it pretty short, except what grew on my upper lip, 由于有剪子和剃刀,我把胡须剪得相当短,至于上唇上的胡子, which I had trimmed into a large pair of Mahometan whiskers, such as I had seen worn by some Turks. 我把它们修剪成和伊斯兰教徒的胡子一样,就像我见过的土耳其人。 Of these mustaches or whiskers, I will not say that they were long enough to hang my hat upon them, 关于这些八字胡,我不想说它们长得足以悬挂帽子, but they were of a length and shape monstrous enough, and such as in England would have passed for frightful. 但是它们的长度和形状非常古怪,如果在英国会吓着人的。 But all this is by the bye; for, as to my figure, I had so few to observe me that it was of no manner of consequence; 但是所有这些都无关紧要,因为几乎没有人看到我,我,怎么穿着打扮都没有多大关系。 so I say no more on that part. 因此,我就不多说了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501649.html