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The english we speak(BBC教学)第36期:six pack 六块腹肌

Finn: Ahh, this is the life. Sun shining, birds singing - beautiful day here in the park, eh Feifei? 芬:啊,这才是生活。阳光明媚,小鸟歌唱—公园里美丽的一天,是吧菲菲? Feifei: Ah yes, fantastic. Just one thing, Finn. I'm a bit thirsty. 菲菲:啊是的,太美妙了。只有一件事,芬。我有一点渴。 Finn: Yes I could do with a drink. 芬:是啊,我赞同喝一杯。 Feifei: An orange juice would be magnificent. 菲菲:一瓶橘子汁会很棒的。 Finn: No, no, no. On a day like today the ideal thing would be… an ice-cold beer, or maybe six…Ah – here we are. A six-pack! Look. 芬:不,不,不。像今天这样的日子最理想的是...一瓶冰凉的啤酒,或者六个...啊,我们到了。一个六瓶装的!看。 Feifei: Finn, I don't really want to see your six-pack. 菲菲:芬,我不想看你的六块腹肌。 Finn: What? 芬:什么? Feifei: Actually, you don't have a six-pack. You have a beer belly! 菲菲:事实上,你没有六块腹肌。你有啤酒肚! Finn: Oh, I get it! Very good, Feifei. In English the phrase six-pack originally refers to a way of selling cans of beer – buying six cans joined together with plastic holders. 芬:哦,我明白了!很好,菲菲。在英语里,六块装原始含义是一种卖罐装啤酒的方式,用塑料包装在一起的六罐。 Feifei: And now, as a slang expression, it can also desCRIbe the shape of stomach muscles... on people who are very fit you can see six round muscles – which looks like a six pack of drink. Unfortunately, not on you Finn. 菲菲:而现在,作为一种俚语表达,它可以用来形容腹肌的形状,那些你能看到六块肌肉的人,看起来像六罐的饮料。不幸的是,你没有芬。 Finn: What are you saying? 芬:你在说什么? Feifei: Anyone can see you don't have a six-pack. You have a one-pack – one huge beer belly! 菲菲:任何人都能看出来你没有六块腹肌。你有一块腹肌,一块巨大的啤酒肚! Finn: Well, I think that phrase is easy enough to understand. 芬:我认为这个短语很容易理解。 Feifei: Too many six-packs of beer, I'm afraid! 菲菲:恐怕太多六罐装得啤酒了! I've been going to the gym for a month now. I need to get my six-pack ready before I go to the beach this summer! 我坚持去体育馆一个月了。我需要在这个夏天去海滩之前把我的六块腹肌练好。 I used to have a six-pack when I was a teenager, but it seems to have got lost under all this fat. 当我还是个运动员的时候我有六块腹肌,但是它们现在似乎都消失在脂肪下了。 Feifei: So Finn, how about you leave that six-pack of beer and swap it for... a healthy fruit smoothie! 菲菲:所以,芬,不如你放下那个六罐装的啤酒,用一个健康的水果冰沙代替! Finn: Nice idea, and I can see a fruit smoothie seller over there! I'll go and buy two. See you in a bit. 芬:好主意,而且我能看见一个水果冰沙摊在那边!我会去买两个。待会儿见。 Feifei: Thanks Finn. While he's over there let me remind everyone if you want to learn more phrases like six-pack and beer belly, check out bbclearningenglish.com. And do some exercise! Bye. 菲菲:谢谢你芬。趁他在那里,让我提醒大家如果你想要更多的像六块腹肌和啤酒肚这样的词组,登陆bbclearningenglish.com做一些练习!再见。 Finn: Don't tell Feifei! 芬:不要告诉菲菲! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171012/501631.html