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你问我答学英语第109期:关于at hand和in hand

Hello Ajay. Thank you for your question about phrases, or expressions, that use the word hand. 你好,阿杰伊。感谢你提问含有hand这个单词的短语的问题。 First of all, I should explain that 'in my hand' has the straightforward, literal meaning 首先,我要解释一下'that use the word hand'这个短语,其直白、字面上的含义是指 that something is physically inside my hand, that I am holding something. 某个东西确实的在我的手里,也就是我握着某个东西。 However, the two phrases that you mention, namely 'at hand' and 'in hand', have metaphorical, rather than literal, meanings. 但是,你提到的这两个短语,即'at hand'和'in hand',有着隐含意义,而不是字面含义。 If you have something at hand, you have something conveniently near you. 如果你have something at hand,意思就是某个东西就在你附近。 This something might be a book, a tool or a piece of information. For example: 这个东西可能是一本书,一种工具或者是一条消息。举个例子: Make sure the safety equipment is at hand when you start working, in case there are any problems. 在你开始工作的时候,要确定一下你手边装备的安全性,以防出现任何问题。 I don't have Sarah's number at hand, so I'll tell you it later. 我手边没有莎拉的电话号码,我等会儿再告诉你。 We can actually use the phrase to hand with the same meaning, as in this example. 实际上,我们可以用to hand这个短语来表示同样的含义。比如下面这个例子。 Can you tell me how many items we sold last month? 你能告诉我,上个月我们卖了多少东西吗? I'm afraid I haven't got that information to hand. Can I tell you later? 我想我现在手边还没有相关的信息。我能晚些时候告诉你吗? The second expression, in hand, has a few meanings or uses. 第二个短语,in hand,则有几种含义或用法。 Firstly, if you have something in hand, then you have an extra amount of something, or you have more than you need. 第一种,如果你have something in hand,意思就是说你有多余数量的这个东西,或者是比你需要的要多。 We may use this to talk about time, for example, 我们会在谈论时间时这样用,举个例子, I'm not worried about finishing this essay before the deadline as I still have three days in hand. 我对在截止日期完成这篇论文没什么可担心的,因为我还有三天的时间。 If you follow football, you will often hear the following, 如果你热衷于足球的话,你经常会听到下面这些话: Chelsea are two points behind the league leaders, Manchester United, but Chelsea do have a game in hand. 切尔西现在落后领头羊曼联队两个积分,但是切尔西还有一轮比赛要踢。 This means that, at the moment, Chelsea have played one game fewer than Manchester United. 这句话的意思是,目前,切尔西比曼联要少踢一场比赛。 Secondly, the job, situation, topic or problem that you are dealing with at the moment can be desCRIbed as the problem in hand. 第二种,你目前在处理的工作、形势、题目或问题,都可以统称为'the problem in hand'。 So, at the moment, the topic in hand is the meaning of the phrase 'in hand'. 因此,现在办理中的问题就是'in hand'这个短语的含义。 Thirdly, if you want to say that you are in control of a difficult situation, you can say that you have the situation in hand. 第三种,如果你想表达一个困境在你的掌握中,你可以说你'have the situation in hand'。 For example, Don't worry about the preparations for the party, I've got everything in hand. 比如说;不要担心派对的准备情况,一切尽在我的掌握。 You don't need to do anything and it'll all be ready in time. 你不需要做任何事情,一切都会准备就绪的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171011/501415.html