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你问我答学英语 第108期:出身于富贵家庭

What is the meaning of 'to be born with a silver spoon in the mouth'? 'to be born with a silver spoon in the mouth'是什么意思呢? Haha, what does it mean? 哈哈,这句话指的是什么呢? It means to be born with lots of advantages that other people don't have, and to be born, really, into a very rich family. 它的意思是,生来就拥有其他人没有的很多优势,实际上就是生在一个非常显贵的家庭。 And the origin of this expression is from silver being such a precious metal, and of course babies need to be fed with spoons. 这种表达的来源是,银是非常贵重的金属,而婴儿们肯定是要用勺子喂食的。 And we often give spoons to babies as a present, or we give it to the parents of babies as a present 我们通常把一个勺子当做礼物,送给婴儿或是婴儿的父母, special spoons for feeding babies and I suppose some children would have been given silver spoons, which were a very precious metal. 用特殊的勺子来给婴儿喂食,我想一些孩子们曾经收到过银勺子,这在当时是一种非常贵重的金属。 It means, to have lots of advantages. 这句话的含义就是拥有很多优势。 I don't think anybody would ever say 'I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth'. 我认为没有什么人会说“我是嘴里含着银钥匙出生的”。 It is sometimes used a little bit enviously of somebody when they have had an easy life because they were born with those advantages. 有时候,这句话会用来表示对拥有松逸的生活的某人的嫉妒,因为这些人生来就有一些优势。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171011/501414.html