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And so therefore whatever cultural variation there is in how human beings flourish 于是不管有多少不同文化对人类的幸福有多少不同想法 can, at least in principle, be understood in the context of a maturing science of the mind -- neuroscience, psychology, etc. 都可以原则性地以成熟的闹内科学作为理解的办法,神经科学、心理学等等 So, what I'm arguing is that value's reduced to facts 我想说的是,价值观可以以事实 to facts about the conscious experience of conscious beings. 有关人类感知体验的事实作为准则 And we can therefore visualize a space of possible changes in the experience of these beings. 我们才有可能想象在某个情况下来改变这些人的体验 And I think of this as kind of a moral landscape, 这就像一片道德风景 with peaks and valleys that correspond to differences in the well-being of conscious creatures, both personal and collective. 有不同的山巅和峡谷,像是人类对于幸福生活的不同感知,无论是个人或群体的 And one thing to notice is that perhaps there are states of human well-being 我们该注意的是,或许有个人类幸福的所在 that we rarely access, that few people access. 是我们从来没有去过的,很少人能达到的体验 And these await our discovery. 正在等待我们去发掘 Perhaps some of these states can be appropriately called mystical or spiritual. 或许这些体验就是我们所说的神秘或灵性的体验 Perhaps there are other states that we can't access 或许有些是我们根本无法体验的 because of how our minds are structured but other minds possibly could access them. 因为我们的大脑有自己的回路,但其它人却有可能可以到达 Now, let me be clear about what I'm not saying. 我必须澄清,我并不是说 I'm not saying that science is guaranteed to map this space, 科学可以完全地为我们画出这份幸福地图 or that we will have scientific answers to every conceivable moral question. 或是科学可以回答所有的道德争议 I don't think, for instance, that you will one day consult a supercomputer to learn whether you should have a second child, 举例来说,我并不认为某天我们会和电脑商量我们是不是该生第二胎 or whether we should bomb Iran's nuclear facilities, 或是我们是不是应该轰炸伊朗的核子设备 or whether you can deduct the full cost of TED as a business expense. 或是参加TED演讲的经费是不是可以向公司报账 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171011/501407.html