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TED十佳演讲之入门 用前所未有的好方法诠释数字统计(09)

And even more, policy makers and the corporate sectors would like to see how the world is changing. 此外,政策制定者,各企业部门,都会想知道世界的变化。 Now, why doesn't this take place? Why are we not using the data we have? 但为什么大家仍然不知道(世界的变化)?为什么我们无法使用已知的数据呢? We have data in the United Nations, in the national statistical agencies and in universities and other non-governmental organizations. 我们的联合国,国家统计部门,学院还有非政府组织都拥有数据。 Because the data is hidden down in the databases. 数据被隐藏在底层的数据库里。 And the public is there, and the Internet is there, but we have still not used it effectively. 而公众在上面(太阳),互联网在这里(地平线),并未得到有效的使用。 All that information we saw changing in the world does not include publicly-funded statistics. 之前我们看到的关于世界变化的信息并不包括公众资助的统计数据。 There are some web pages like this, you know, but they take some nourishment down from the databases, 的确有一些网站依靠数据库的营养而存在着, but people put prices on them, stupid passwords and boring statistics. And this won't work. 但这是要收费的,还有愚蠢的密码和讨厌的统计表格。这个是行不通的。 So what is needed? We have the databases. It's not the new database you need. 我们需要什么?数据库是现成的。不需要新的数据库。 We have wonderful design tools, and more and more are added up here. 我们有很好的视觉软件,还将有更多的问世。 So we started a noNPRofit venture which, linking data to design, we called Gapminder, 于是我们成立了一个非营利机构,我们称之为“数据与图样的联结” - Gapminder, from the London Underground, where they warn you, "mind the gap." 灵感来自伦敦地铁(他们提醒乘客“小心列车与站台间的缝隙”), So we thought Gapminder was appropriate. And we started to write software which could link the data like this. 因此我们认为Gapminder很合适。而且我们制作了一个软件,把数据和图样联结起来。 And it wasn't that difficult. It took some person years, and we have produced animations. 这个并不难。需要几个人花几年时间,我们制作了动画。 You can take a data set and put it there. We are liberating U.N. data, some few U.N. organization. 你可以建立数据库。我们正尝试解放联合国的数据库。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171011/501406.html