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The remaking of the Oklahoma City Thunder is less a series of moves than a feat of engineering. 雷霆今夏的重建与其说是添砖加瓦,不如说是重装升级。 Opportunism is a powerful catalyst. Neither of the Thunder's big offseason trades were anywhere near talent-equitable. Still they were consummated because OKC built trade packages reasonable enough to consider and waited patiently for the inciting circumstances to ferment. 雷霆这个休赛季的两桩大交易都可以称得上是彻头彻尾的打劫,他们之所以可以成功,是因为雷霆给出的筹码虽然不算多么诱人,但是仍是值得考虑的。而且他们非常耐心,静观其变,等到了最好的交易时机。 It is impossible to parse the Melo deal without regard for its timing. A Knicks team itching to turn the page just traded away the face of its previous era days before the start of training camp. This was less a decision to trade Anthony than a decision to move on. The Thunder, again, reap the benefits. 如果不是在这样一个特殊的时间点,这笔关于安东尼的交易是不可能发生的。尼克斯非常迫切地需要在训练营将曾经的球队门面交易出去,翻开新的篇章,对他们来说,送走安东尼才是他们这笔交易的主要目的。于是雷霆再一次抓住了机会,完成了今夏第二笔打劫式的大交易。 Any intersection of talent on this level brings questions of allocation. The first wave of response after a trade like this is one of awe and surprise. The Thunder got Melo for what?! Once that subsides, conversation inevitably turns to the balance of three stars sharing the ball. 当三个这样级别的巨星齐聚一堂时,球权如何分配将会是他们需要解决的头号难题。在这笔交易达成之后,人们脑海中冒出的第一个问题一定是:雷霆用什么换来了安东尼?随后,他们的话题必然会转向雷霆三巨头的球权分配问题。 Westbrook, the biggest usage workhorse in league history, grew accustomed to a certain level of control last season. Anthony and George enter with their own expectations as long-standing first options in their own right. Each will have to surrender something to make their partnership work. 威斯布鲁克上个赛季的使用率在联盟历史上都鲜有能够匹敌者,他看起来已经习惯了有球在手的控球打法了,而安东尼和乔治在加盟球队时也是抱着自己能在进攻中成为自己所在一侧的第一进攻选择的愿望的。如果雷霆想打出一个出色的赛季,他们三人都必须要有所牺牲才行。 His union with George, too, might finally convince both of the merits of small ball. George wasn't willing to guard power forwards for the sake of C.J. Miles, but he might for Melo. And Anthony didn't want to play up a position if he didn't have to, but he might if it means maximizing his minutes with George. 安东尼和乔治的组合可以完美地帮助对方发挥出自己在小球战术中的长处。乔治在步行者时可能不愿意为了C.J-迈尔斯而去防守大前锋,但是为了甜瓜他也许会做出让步;甜瓜在尼克斯时除了没得选择他都不愿意打小前锋以外的位置,但为了增加和乔治一起上场的时间,他很也有可能妥协。 Burden sharing among stars can be a persuasive dynamic.Their level of mutual investment is also its own form of accountability. 球星相互承担压力往往可以最大化他们的价值,这也是他们责任心的一种体现。 The combination of George, Andre Roberson, and Steven Adams is, in terms of ability, close to ideal for putting a defensive bubble around Anthony and Westbrook. Even passable work in coverage from those two should make the Thunder one of the most bothersome team defenses in the league. 乔治,安德鲁-罗伯森和史蒂文-亚当斯都拥有非常优秀的单防和协防能力,他们三人组成的防守铁三角应该可以最小化安东尼和威斯布鲁克在防守端的劣势。威少和安东尼只需要在防守端打出还算过得去的防守表现,雷霆的防守就会是相当难缠的存在了。 Roberson is a skeleton key. Few defenders in the league (if any) do so well in locking down opposing stars across all three perimeter positions. With that comes the freedom to control Westbrook's defensive matchups and the luxury of saving George's vexing length for when it's needed most. 罗伯森是一名万金油型的球员,在防守外线明星球员时,联盟中极少有球员能做到像罗伯森那样的出色。他可以在防守端解放威斯布鲁克,也可以帮助乔治防守与他对位的球员,让乔治利用自己的身高去防守更加棘手的对手。 Any team that relies on both its wings to initiate offense will have to pivot to third and fourth options, detours that come at an operational cost. 任何依赖与两边的侧翼球员来发动进攻的球队都会需要在进攻中把球传到球队的第三和第四持球选项手中,这样迂回的传导球是有风险的。 If the Thunder wanted, they could even extend the logjam by having George check an opponent's star power forward when the situation allows, particularly if Anthony can hide out by guarding a more static spot-up wing. 只要雷霆想,他们完全可以在情况允许时,尤其是在他们让安东尼去防守对方的定点射手来掩藏甜瓜在无球防守时的短板时,让保罗-乔治来盯防对方的大前锋,从而限制对手的传球选择,阻塞对手的进攻。 Devising the means to work around both Roberson and George requires more high-level creators than most teams have at their disposal. Both are so flexible as to leave no safe harbor. 想要攻破罗伯森和乔治联手打造的铜墙铁壁,对手会需要多个持球点轮番创造机会,然而大部分球队是并没有这么多的进攻火力的。这两道防守大闸的灵活性将会让对手很难在雷霆的防守中找到破绽。 Anthony has never in his life had this much defensive help, save for his stints on Team USA. "Olympic Melo" cuts both ways: Not only does surrounding talent allow Anthony to be his most efficient self (provided he's willing), but also his least damaging. 在安东尼的整个职业生涯中,他在防守端从来没有得到过如此多的帮助,当然他在国家队的经历是个例外。“奥运瓜”之所以令人胆寒:一方面是因为周围的这些高水平的队友可以让安东尼发挥出自己最高的效率,同时也可以很好地掩盖他的短板。 The same principles apply for Anthony in Oklahoma City. Between George, Roberson, Adams, Westbrook, and even Patrick Patterson, it's as if the entire infrastructure is built to protect him. 这个道理在雷霆同样适用,有乔治,罗伯森,亚当斯,威斯布鲁克和帕特森一起并肩作战,球队的攻防体系都可以给予他非常充足的保护和支持。 Therein lies the miracle of the Thunder's transformation. The moves for George and Anthony—both one-year rentals, in effect—were not months in the making as the teams involved circled one another. These are products of circumstance that just so happened to serve the needs and weaknesses of every star involved. 这就是雷霆今夏的变身的神奇所在,换来乔治和安东尼一年的使用期绝不只是重建期的一次简单过渡。雷霆这帮球员相辅相成,互相掩盖对方的缺点,就让我们拭目以待吧。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171011/501378.html