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日本动漫 Japanese Animation

Recently, the Japanese animation Your Name was popular. Nearly all the audience gave their biggest applause after they went out of the theater. It is known to all that most famous master of Japanese animation had just retired not long before, and people worried about the missing of excellent animation but now they saw the new master. Japanese animation is always my favorite type of movie, when I was very small, I watched many classic cartoons every day. Japanese animation has been part of many people’s childhood. They watched Japanese cartoons all the time when they were children and discussed the plots with partners. Sometimes they even imitated the games. These cartoons build the hero dreams for the kids and teach them with the right values. Today, though the children can have more choices, they still are in favor of Japanese animation.  最近,日本动漫《你的名字》非常受欢迎,几乎所有的观众在走出影院时都给了他们最热烈的掌声。众所周知,日本最著名的动漫大师刚退休不久,人们担心会因此缺少优秀的动漫作品,如今他们看到了新的大师。日本动漫一直是我最喜爱的电影类型,在我很小的时候,我看过很多经典的漫画。日本动漫已成为许多人童年的一部分。他们小时候一边看日本卡通一边和伙伴一起讨论剧情。有时他们甚至模仿游戏。这些动漫给孩子们构建了英雄梦想,教给他们正确的价值观。今天,尽管孩子们可以有更多的选择,但是他们仍然喜爱日本动漫。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171010/Japanese-Animation.html