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TED十佳演讲之入门 用前所未有的好方法诠释数字统计(08)

And if we move back again, here, and we put on trails on them, like this, 我们再回到过去,给每个球画出运动的轨迹, you can see again that the speed of development is very, very different, 可以看到,发展速度的差距非常大, and the countries are moving more or less in the same rate as money and health, 虽然各国的经济和健康发展的轨迹大同小异, but it seems you can move much faster if you are healthy first than if you are wealthy first. 但是健康水平起点较高的国家,发展速度远超过经济水平起点高的。 And to show that, you can put on the way of United Arab Emirates. 为了说明这一点,我们看看阿联酋。 They came from here, a mineral country. 他们从这里出发,一个资源型国家。 They cached all the oil; they got all the money; but health cannot be bought at the supermarket. 他们靠石油大把赚钱,但健康绝不是超市里的货物。 You have to invest in health. You have to get kids into schooling. You have to train health staff. 你需要卫生方面的投资。需要提高儿童的教育水平。需要培训卫生工作者。 You have to educate the population. And Sheikh Zayed did that in a fairly good way. 还要教育民众。Sheikh Sayed干的非常漂亮。 In spite of falling oil prices, he brought this country up here. 尽管油价下跌了,他仍改善了阿联酋的健康。 So we've got a much more mainstream appearance of the world, 这里我们可以看到世界发展的主流, where all countries tend to use their money better than they used in the past. 各国对资金的分配和使用都比过去合理的多。 Now, this is, more or less, if you look at the average data of the countries -- they are like this. 这里大家看到各国的数据基本上都是平均数。 Now that's dangerous, to use average data, because there is such a lot of difference within countries. 但是用平均数可能会很危险,因为国家内部也存在很大的差异。 So if I go and look here, we can see that Uganda today is where South Korea was in 1960. 我们看这里,今天的乌干达和1960年的韩国差不多。 If I split Uganda, there's quite a difference within Uganda. These are the quintiles of Uganda. 如果把乌干达分解开,可以看到内部的明显差异。 The richest 20 percent of Ugandans are there. The poorest are down there. 乌干达最富有的20%在右边,最贫穷的在左下边。 If I split South Africa, it's like this. 如果把南非分解开。 And if I go down and look at Niger, where there was such a terrible famine, lastly, it's like this. 尼日尔在下边,他们刚遭受一场恐怖的饥荒。 The 20 percent poorest of Niger is out here, and the 20 percent richest of South Africa is there, 最贫穷的20%的尼日尔人在最左边,而最富有的20%的南非人在最右边, and yet we tend to discuss on what solutions there should be in Africa. 今天我们仍然在讨论什么方案能解决非洲的问题。 Everything in this world exists in Africa. 世界上所有的问题非洲都有。 And you can't discuss universal access to HIV for that quintile up here with the same strategy as down here. 我们不可能讨论出一套通用方案,既能解决这些地方的艾滋病问题,同时也适用于这些地方。 The improvement of the world must be highly contextualized, and it's not relevant to have it on regional level. 世界的发展一定要因地制宜来分析,仅从各大洲的水平上来分析是不够的。 We must be much more detailed. We find that students get very excited when they can use this. 我们必须更加详细。当学生们接触到这个软件的时候,他们都非常兴奋。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171010/501119.html