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TED十佳演讲之入门 用前所未有的好方法诠释数字统计(07)

Data is often better than you think. Many people say data is bad. 大家总说数据不准确,数据其实比我们想象的好很多。 There is an uncertainty margin, but we can see the difference here: Cambodia, Singapore. 数据是有误差,但我们看一下柬埔寨和新加坡的差距。 The differences are much bigger than the weakness of the data. 这一差距肯定远大于数据的误差。 East Europe: Soviet economy for a long time, but they come out after 10 years very, very differently. 再看东欧:苏联经济模式发展了多年,但在过去10年却经历了巨大的变化。 And there is Latin America. Today, we don't have to go to Cuba to find a healthy country in Latin America. 这是当今的拉丁美洲。古巴再也不是唯一的健康国家了。 Chile will have a lower child mortality than Cuba within some few years from now. 几年后智利的儿童死亡率将低于古巴。 Here, we have high-income countries in the OECD. 这些是经合组织成员国。 And we get the whole pattern here of the world, which is more or less like this. 这里显示的就是我们的世界,大概就是这样的情形。 And if we look at it, how the world looks, in 1960, it starts to move. 如果我们回到过去,看看世界是怎样的,从1960年开始。 This is Mao Tse-tung. He brought health to China. And then he died. 1960年(中国有)毛泽东,他给中国带来了健康,随后他去世了。 And then Deng Xiaoping came and brought money to China, and brought them into the mainstream again. 邓小平给中国带来了金钱,同时把中国带回到世界的主流当中。 And we have seen how countries move in different directions like this, 其他国家的移动方向也不尽相同, so it's sort of difficult to get an example country which shows the pattern of the world. 很难找出哪个国家能代表全世界的发展模式。 But I would like to bring you back to about here, at 1960. 我们回到1960年做个比较。 I would like to compare South Korea, which is this one, with Brazil, which is this one. 我想把韩国和巴西做个比较。 The label went away for me here. 这个标签在这里消失了。 And I would like to compare Uganda, which is there. And I can run it forward, like this. 我要选一下乌干达。随着时间的推移,像这样。 And you can see how South Korea is making a very, very fast advancement, whereas Brazil is much slower. 我们看到,韩国的发展速度非常非常快,巴西就慢得多。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171010/501118.html