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美国语文第四册 第100期:鲁滨逊·克鲁索的住所(02)

And now I began to apply myself to make such necessary things as I found I most wanted, particularly a chairand a table; 这时我开始专心制作最需要的物品,尤其是椅子和桌子; for without these I was not able to enjoy the few comforts I had in the world. 因为没有桌椅,我就没法享受世上为数已不多的乐事。 I could not write or eat, or do several things with so much pleasure without a table. 没有桌椅,写作、吃饭也毫无乐趣可言了。 So I went to work. I had never handled a tool in my life; 我开始工作起来,我以前从未使用过工具; and yet in time by labor, application, and contrivance, 可是当我后来花费了很大力气,专心工作,想出不少好点子的时候, I found that I wanted nothing but I could have made it, especially if I had had tools; 我发现不论需要什么,我都能做出来,要是有工具就更好了。 however, I made abundance of things, even without tools, and some with no more tools than an adz and a hatchet, 即使没有工具,我还是做了不少东西,有时只使用锛子和斧头, which perhaps were never made that way before, and that with infinite labor. 可能以前还没人这样做出这些东西,或者花这么大的力气。 For example, if I wanted a board, I had no other way but to cut down a tree, set it before me, 比如,如果我想要一块木板,就必须先砍倒一棵树, and hew it flat on either side with my ax till I had brought it to be as thin as a plank, and then dub it smooth with my adz. 然后用斧子把两面销平,直到树木像木板一样薄,再用锛子刮光滑。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171010/501101.html