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美国语文第四册 第99期:鲁滨逊·克鲁索的住所(01)

I have already desCRIbed my habitation, which was a tent under the side of a rock, surrounded with a strong pale of posts and cables, 我前面已经描述了我的住所,这是一个帐篷,位于山岩一侧,周围是用木桩和缆绳搭造的结实的栅栏, but I might now rather call it a wall, for I raised a kind of wall up against it of turf, about two feet thick on the outside; 我现在也可以把这个栅栏称作墙,因为在栅栏的外面我堆砌了两英尺厚的草皮; and, after some time (I think it was a year and a half) I raised rafters from it, 过了一段时间(我想是一年半)我架起了椽, leaning to the rock, and thatched or covered it with boughs of trees and such things as I could get to keep out the rain, which I found at some times of the year very violent. 一端靠在岩石上,用树枝等材料封了顶,在暴雨倾盆时可以用来避雨。 I have already observed how I brought all my goods into this pale, and into the cave which I had made behindme; 我把所有物品拿进栅栏,放到岩洞里; but I must observe, too, that at first this was a confused heap of goods, which, as they lay in no order, took up all my place, so that I had no room to turn myself. 但是开始的时候东西堆得杂乱无章,很占地方,我甚至无法转身。 So I set to work to enlarge my cave and work farther into the earth; 因此我着手扩大岩洞,挖出更多的泥土。 for it was a loose, sandy rock, which yielded easily to the labor I bestowed upon it. 因为岩石已经疏松沙化了,挖掘起来很容易。 And so when I found that I was pretty safe as to beasts of prey, I worked sideways into the rock; 当我发现自己相当安全,不用担心野兽的攻击时,我开始挖掘山岩的侧面; and then, turning to the right again, worked quite out, and made me a door to come out on the outside of my pale or fortification. 然后又向右挖,一直挖到外面,这样我就能从另一扇门通到栅栏或者说堡垒的外面。 This gave me not only egress and regress, as it was a back way to my tent and to my storehouse, but gave me room to stow my goods. 我不但多了出口和入口,进出帐篷和工具间,而且贮藏的空间也扩大了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171010/501100.html