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Shares in China International Capital Corp, the Chinese investment bank, soared yesterday after its sale of a strategic stake to internet group Tencent, as investors bet that the tie-up would boost CICC’s retail franchise. 中国投行中金公司(CICC)昨日股价大涨,此前该公司获得了互联网集团腾讯(Tencent)的战略入股,投资者押注这一结盟将提振中金的零售理财业务。 CICC’s Hong Kong-traded shares were up as much as 19 per cent yesterday, following the announcement late on Wednesday. 周三晚间宣布上述消息后,中金公司在香港上市的股票昨日大涨19%。 Under former chief executive Levin Zhu, son of former Chinese premier Zhu Rongji, CICC led initial public offerings for many of China’s biggest state-owned enterprises in the early 2000s. But capital markets activity has shifted towards private companies, while retail investors dominate secondary-market trading. 在中国前总理朱镕基之子、前首席执行官朱云来(Levin Zhu)的领导下,中金公司在本世纪头几年牵头为中国多家大型国企进行首次公开发行(IPO)。但如今,资本市场活动已转向民营企业,而散户投资者主导着二级市场交易。 CICC ranked 17th among Chinese securities houses by operating revenue last year, down from first place in 2005. Mr Zhu resigned in 2014. Analysts said the deal between Tencent and CICC was a signal that the investment bank was looking to upgrade its retail platform. 中金公司去年营收排在中国券商第17名,远低于2005年的第1名。朱云来于2014年辞职。分析师们表示,腾讯与中金公司的这笔交易是一个信号,显示这家投资银行正寻求升级零售平台。 “What brokerages lack the most is customer acquisition channels. Tencent has a huge user base and an extraordinary trove of data that CICC could analyse to identify new customers and target products and services,” said Zhang Jingwei, non-bank financials analyst at Northeast Securities in Shanghai. 东北证券(Northeast Securities)在上海的非银行金融机构分析师张经纬说:“券商最缺乏的是客户获取渠道。腾讯拥有庞大的用户群和惊人的数据宝藏,让中金公司可通过分析来识别新客户,针对性地提供产品和服务。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171010/501094.html