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美国语文第四册 第97期:黄金法则(04)

"Sir, you paid me two bills, instead of one," said she, trembling in every limb. “先生,你给了我两张钞票,不是一张,”她四肢颤抖着说。 Two bills? did I? let me see; well, so I did; 两张钞票?是么?让我看看。嗯,是的。 but did you just find it out? Why did you not bring it back sooner? Susan blushed and hung her head. 但你是刚发现吗?你为什么没早点送回来?苏珊的脸红了,头也低了下来。 "You wanted to keep it, I suppose," said he. “我猜你是想留着,”他说, Well, I am glad your mother was more honest than you, or I should have been five dollars poorer and none thewiser. 我很高兴你妈妈比你诚实,否则我的身家就少了五美元,我也算不得精明了。 "My mother knows nothing about it, sir," said Susan; "I brought it back before I went home." “我妈妈不知道这件事,先生,”苏珊说,“我在到家之前就把它送回来了。” The old man looked at the child, and, as he saw the tears rolling down her cheeks, he seemed touched by her distress. 那个老人看了看孩子,泪水从她的脸上滚下来,似乎被她的不幸感动了。 Putting his hand in his pocket, he drew out a shilling and offered it to her. 他把手伸进兜里,掏出一先令给她。 "No, sir, I thank you," sobbed she; “不,先生,谢谢您。”她抽泣着说, I do not want to be paid for doing right; I only wish you would not think me dishonest, for, indeed, it was a sore temptation. 我不愿意您因为我做对了一件事而付给我钱;我只是希望您不会认为我不诚实,因为它确实是个让人很纠结的诱惑。 Oh! sir, if you had ever seen those you love best wanting the common comforts of life, 哦!先生,如果您看到您最爱的人想要得到最平常的舒适生活, you would know how hard it is for us always to do unto others as we would have others do unto us. 您就会了解对于我们来说,做到‘我们希望别人怎么对我们,我们也要怎么对待别人’是多么难的事了。 The heart of the selfish man was touched. 这个自私的男人被打动了。 There be things which are little upon the earth, but they are exceeding wise, murmured he, 一些在世界上微不足道的小事,已经远远超出了精明的范畴,他喃喃自语道。 as he bade the little girl good night, and entered his house a sadder, and, it is to be hoped, a better man. 他和小女孩道了晚安,然后有点伤感地走进屋里,但愿他能做一个更善良的人。 Susan returned to her humble home with a lightened heart, and through the course of a long and useful life she never forgot her first temptation. 苏珊心情轻松地回到她简陋的家,之后在漫长而有意义的生命历程中,她再也没有忘记她遇到的第一次诱惑。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171009/500837.html