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里约奥运会的主题 The Theme of Rio Olympic Games

Under the world’s watching, Rio Olympic Games finally came to its opening ceremony. Before, a lot of problems had been exposed and many people wondered if Rio could finish the task and present the world a wonderful opening ceremony. The answer was definitely positive. Though the budget was very limited, the government showed the world a green Olympic Games. It is the trees that make our home safe and healthy, while today a lot of people have forgot it and they pollute and destroy the environment. How can we survive in the future. The opening ceremony gave the answer that was to plant trees and protect our environment. Rio Olympic Games showed a great theme and it is creative. The government do not let people down, instead they surprise the world and remind people of the importance of green.  在世界的关注下,里约奥运会终于迎来了开幕仪式。之前,很多问题被暴露出来,许多人都在怀疑里约是否能完成这个任务,给世界带来一个精彩的开幕式。答案是肯定的。虽然预算有限,但是政府向全世界展示了一个绿色的奥运。树木让我们的家园安全和健康,而如今很多人都忘了这一点,他们污染和破坏了环境。这样我们如何在未来生存下去。开幕式给了答案,那就是种树和保护我们的环境。里约热内卢奥运会展示了这一伟大的主题,还富有创意。政府并没有让人失望,他们给世界带来了惊喜,提醒人们环保的重要性。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171008/The-Theme-of-Rio-Olympic-Games.html