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美国语文第四册 第95期:黄金法则(02)

Susan pondered carefully and seriously on what her mother had said. 苏珊仔细而认真地思考着妈妈说的话。 When she thought over her past conduct, a blush of shame crept to her cheeks, 当想到自己过去的表现时,她的小脸因为惭愧而变得绯红, and a look of sorrow into her eyes, as many little acts of selfishness and unkindness came back to her memory. 眼里满是懊悔的神情,因为她想起了过去做过的许多自私和刻薄的事。 She resolved that for the future, both in great things and small, she would remember and follow the Golden Rule. 她下定决心,今后无论在大事还是小事上,都会记住并遵守“黄金法则”。 It was not long after this that an opportunity occurred of trying Susan's principles. 这之后没多久,一个考验苏珊的机会来了。 One Saturday evening when she went, as usual, to farmer Thompson's inn, 一个周六的晚上,她像往常一样去了农民汤姆森的旅店, to receive the price of her mother's washing for the boarders, 去收取妈妈给住店客们洗衣服的钱, which amounted to five dollars, she found the farmer in the stable yard. 一共五美元。她在马厩场院里找到了汤姆森。 He was apparently in a terrible rage with some horse dealers with whom he had been bargaining. 显然他正在和一些马匹交易商发火,原因是他们在跟他讨价还价。 He held in his hand an open pocketbook, full of bills; and scarcely noticing the child as she made her request, 他手里拿着一个敞开的皮夹子,里面全是钞票,几乎没有注意小孩子跟他说的话, except to swear at her, as usual, for troubling him when he was busy, he handed her a bank note. 只是像平常一样骂她几句,说她在他忙的时候给他捣乱,然后递给了她一张钞票。 Glad to escape so easily, Susan hurried out of the gate, and then, pausing to pin the money safely in the folds of her shawl, 苏珊很高兴这么快就可以离开了,所以快速地跑出了门。随后她停下脚步,准备将钱牢牢地钉在披肩的叠层里。 she discovered that he had given her two bills instead of one. 忽然,她发现农民给的钞票是两张,而不是一张。 She looked around; nobody was near to share her discovery; and her first impulse was joy at the unexpected prize. 她向四周看了看,附近没有人看到她的发现,而她的第一反应是对这个意料之外的奖金高兴不已。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171008/500612.html