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消失的动物 The Fading Animals

No one can deny the fact that today the environment is polluted seriously. Though the government has taken some policies to protect the environment, still some businessmen chase the profit by taking the cost of damaging the nature. Many animals are dying out as they lose their homes. Such as the national treasure, panda. The government has put a lot of money to protect them from dying out, and the new born panda babies will be looked after by experts and then release to the nature, in the hope that they won’t disappear in the nature. But the result is not always good, because when they return to the nature, the environment can’t provide enough things for them to live. If the nature loses its balance and there is no way for human beings living with nature harmoniously, then we also will disappear some day.  没有人能否认现在环境污染严重这个事实。尽管政府采取了一些保护环境的政策,仍然有一些商人以破坏自然环境为代价去追逐利润。许多动物因为失去了家园而灭绝。如国宝,熊猫。政府花了很多钱来保护它们免受灭绝,新出生的熊猫宝宝由专家来护理,然后再放回大自然中,希望它们不会从大自然中消失。但结果并不总是好的,因为当它们回到大自然中时,自然环境却不能给它们提供存活的因素。如果大自然失去平衡,人类与自然就没有办法和谐相处,总有一天我们也会消失。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171007/The-Fading-Animals.html