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他们还是个孩子 They Are Just Kids

In China, when children make mistakes, the parents will tell others that they are just kids and want others to forgive their children. It seems so reasonable for small kids to make mistake, because they are young and reckless. While for most parents in western countries, parents take different attitudes towards their kids when they make mistakes. The parents will not have violent act, instead, they will educate the kids and let them realize their bad behavior. I appreciate the foreign parents’ way, as they educate children in the first moment and won’t find excuse for their mistakes. Small age is not the reason to get away from responsibility. If the wrong acts are not corrected immediately, then it is possible for the kids to continue the mistake, someday become big mistakes.  在中国,当孩子犯了错时,父母都会跟别人说他们还只是孩子,希望别人原谅自己的孩子。这似乎成了孩子们犯错理所当然的借口,因为年轻,所以可以无视后果。而对于大多数西方国家的父母来说,他们对孩子犯错误有着不一样的态度。西方父母不会使用暴力行为,相反,他们会教育孩子,让他们意识到自己的不良行为。我很欣赏外国父母的行为方式,他们会在第一时间教育孩子,而不是找借口。年纪小不是推脱责任的理由。如果不立即纠正错误的行为,那么孩子们就又可能会继续犯错误,总有一天会犯大错误。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171005/They-Are-Just-Kids.html