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当人们想念诺基亚 When People Miss Nokia

Every people considers Apple as their first choice when they buy a smart phone. If they have not enough money, then they will choose another brand. Nokia was the leader of cellphone market, which seemed to be kicked out many years ago. But as more accidents happened in smart phone nowadays, people start to miss the old Nokia. It is known to all that the quality of Nokia is strong. it is said that even a car can’t destroy it. Indeed, I used to own a Nokia phone, it had the best quality of all my phones. It was out of date when the system needed to upgrade and the young people were in favor of more functions. So young people abandoned Nokia and some old people kept it. Now Nokia has been the memory in people’s mind, like an old and trustworthy friend.  在买手机的时候,每个人都会把苹果手机放在首要考虑位置,如果他们没有足够的金钱,才会选择另一品牌。诺基亚手机曾经是手机市场的领导者,但是似乎许多年前就被淘汰了。但随着越来越多的小事故发生在如今的智能手机上,人们开始怀念以前的诺基亚了。众所周知,诺基亚的质量很好,据说连轿车也无法摧毁它。确实,我曾经拥有过一台诺基亚手机,那是我所有手机中质量最好的。在系统需要升级,加上年轻人喜爱拥有更多的功能时,诺基亚就过时了。所以年轻人放弃了使用诺基亚,只有一些老年人还继续用着。现在诺基亚已经成为了人们的记忆,就像一位年老的和值得信赖的朋友。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20171004/When-People-Miss-Nokia.html