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It was a warm afternoon in August. We were sitting together in a hammock which swung from two solemn pines at a short distance from the house. We had hurried through the dish-washing after luncheon, in order that we might have as long an afternoon as possible for the story. As we hastened through the long grass toward the hammock, the grasshoppers swarmed about us and fastened themselves on our clothes, and I remember that my teacher insisted upon picking them all off before we sat down, which seemed to me an unnecessary waste of time. The hammock was covered with pine needles, for it had not been used while my teacher was away. The warm sun shone on the pine trees and drew out all their fragrance. The air was balmy, with a tang of the sea in it. Before we began the story Miss Sullivan explained to me the things that she knew I should not understand, and as we read on she explained the unfamiliar words. At first there were many words I did not know, and the reading was constantly interrupted; but as soon as I thoroughly comprehended the situation, I became too eagerly absorbed in the story to notice mere words, and I am afraid I listened impatiently to the explanations that Miss Sullivan felt to be necessary. When her fingers were too tired to spell another word, I had for the first time a keen sense of my deprivations. I took the book in my hands and tried to feel the letters with an intensity of longing that I can never forget. 那是8月里一个温暖宜人的下午,我们俩坐在一张摇摆的吊床上,这张吊床就拴在离家不远的两棵大松树之间。午餐过后,我们匆匆涮过盘子,为的是尽可能用整个下午时间看故事书。当我们快步穿过草丛奔向吊床时,受惊的蚱蜢乱飞乱撞,纷纷落在我们身上。我记得老师坚持要先把衣服上的蚱蜢摘掉,然后再坐下看书;可是在我看来,这似乎是毫无必要的浪费时间之举。吊床上面已经落满了松针,因为自老师离开后一直没有人用过这张吊床。和煦的阳光洒落在松树上,空气中弥漫着松针的芳香,同时夹杂着一股独特的海洋气息。在开始读故事之前,苏立文小姐向我解释了一些我不太理解的背景,而且,在阅读过程中,她还要随时向我讲解生词。刚开始时有很多单词我都不认识,阅读因此会常常中断;但是当我完全沉浸在故事情节之中,生词这回事就被我忽略了。对于苏立文小姐认为有必要解释的那些词语,我想我当时听得很不耐烦。后来,因过于疲劳,老师的手指再也拼写不下去了,而我却第一次产生出一种被剥夺了心爱之物的沮丧感。于是,我把书抓在手里,如饥似渴地摸索着书页,我永远也不会忘记那种急切的心情。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170923/496573.html