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At the same time, wind blowing onto the shore sweeps the fog inland. 与此同时,吹向海岸的风将雾气带上陆地 Before long, the cacti are dripping with dew. 不久之后,雾凝结成了露水 The fog is so regular that moisture-loving lichens are able to grow on the cacti 雾经常会出现,就连喜湿的地衣也能在仙人掌上生长 and they absorb liquid like a sponge. 它们像海绵一样吸收着水汽 In the land of almost no rain, these precious drops are lifesavers for many different creatures. 在一个几乎没有雨的地方,这些宝贵的水滴是许多动物的救命物资。 Further inland, the air remains so warm that its moisture does not condense. 在更远的内陆地区,空气一直十分灼热,水汽无法凝结。 So this slender strip of desert is virtually the only part of the Atacama where life can exist. 因此这个狭长地带实际上是阿塔卡马沙漠中唯一的生命绿洲 And without the fog, this land, too, would be empty. 如果没有雾,这片土地也将成为不毛之地。 The guanacos make the most of the dew. But it will not remain for long. 原驼尽量舔吮露水。因为它们不会保留多久。 In an hour or two, the sun will have burnt it off and dried the surface of the cacti. 1到2小时后,太阳将使它们蒸发,仙人掌表面将回复干燥。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170923/496470.html