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A thousand odds and ends of knowledge come crashing about my head like hailstones, and when I try to escape them, theme-goblins and college nixies of all sorts pursue me, until I wish—oh, may I be forgiven the wicked wish!—that I might smash the idols I came to worship. 成千上万种零零碎碎的知识就像冰雹一样在我的脑中四处飞溅,当我试图逃离险境时,传说中的妖精和校园水鬼就会紧追不舍,直到我愿意——或者说迁就那些邪恶的意识肆虐横行!——或许,我应该把顶礼膜拜的偶像统统砸碎。 But the examinations are the chief bugbears of my college life. Although I have faced them many times and cast them down and made them bite the dust, yet they rise again and menace me with pale looks, until like Bob Acres I feel my courage oozing out at my finger ends. The days before these ordeals take place are spent in cramming your mind with mystic formula and indigestible dates—unpalatable diets, until you wish that books and science and you were buried in the depths of the sea. 不妨说,各种各样的考试正是我大学生涯面临的首要难题。虽然我曾经面对过许多次考试,而且每次都把它们打得大败而回,但是它们总是再次反扑,并且用挑衅的表情大肆要挟。直到像鲍勃·阿克莱斯这样的人物出现以后,我才感觉到信心又渐渐回到了指端。就在这些考验降临前夕,你的脑子里面塞的全都是神秘的公式和令人难以消化的椰枣——面对味道不佳的食品,你真想把自己连同书本和科学一起葬入大海深处。 At last the dreaded hour arrives, and you are a favoured being indeed if you feel prepared, and are able at the right time to call to your standard thoughts that will aid you in that supreme effort. It happens too often that your trumpet call is unheeded. It is most perplexing and exasperating that just at the moment when you need your memory and a nice sense of disCRImination, these faculties take to themselves wings and fly away. The facts you have garnered with such infinite trouble invariably fail you at a pinch. 终于,恐惧时刻降临,如果你觉得自己准备就绪,那么你实在是抢到了一个有利位置,这就是说,你能够在恰当的时间召唤到你思想的潜能,从而有助于你向更高的层次迈进。有一种情况是经常发生的——任凭你百般召唤也无人理睬。而最令人感到困惑和懊恼的是,正当你需要调动记忆和缜密的鉴别力的当口,你所有的这些能力竟然振翅高飞,离你而去了。也就是说,你已经在不知不觉间储存了如此多的问题,而这些问题总会在紧要关头将你拉下马。 Give a brief account of Huss and his work. Huss? Who was he and what did he do? The name looks strangely familiar. “请对哈斯和他的功绩做简要说明。”哈斯是谁?他都做了些什么?这个名字看起来似曾相识。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170910/492912.html