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and you go home feeling that you have had "a glimpse of that perfection in which spirit and form dwell in immortal harmony; truth and beauty bearing a new growth on the ancient stem of time." 你会带着这样一种心情回家——你已经“窥见到不朽的灵魂以一种和谐的方式常驻人间,而真善美则是同上古精神一脉相承的不二准则”。 This year is the happiest because I am studying subjects that especially interest me, economics, Elizabethan literature, Shakespeare under Professor George L. Kittredge, and the History of Philosophy under Professor Josiah Royce. Through philosophy one enters with sympathy of comprehension into the traditions of remote ages and other modes of thought, which erewhile seemed alien and without reason. 这真是令人愉快的一年,因为我所学的科目特别合我的胃口,比如经济学,伊丽莎白时期文学,还有乔治·L.吉特莱芝教授主讲的莎士比亚,约西亚·罗伊斯教授主讲的哲学史。一旦步入哲学的殿堂,你就会领略到久远年代的种种传统及其思想模式的精妙,而在不久前,这些知识在世人眼中还是陌生而不知所云的。 But college is not the universal Athens I thought it was. There one does not meet the great and the wise face to face; one does not even feel their living touch. They are there, it is true; but they seem mummified. We must extract them from the crannied wall of learning and dissect and analyze them before we can be sure that we have a Milton or an Isaiah, and not merely a clever imitation. Many scholars forget, it seems to me, that our enjoyment of the great works of literature depends more upon the depth of our sympathy than upon our understanding. The trouble is that very few of their laborious explanations stick in the memory. The mind drops them as a branch drops its overripe fruit. It is possible to know a flower, root and stem and all, and all the processes of growth, and yet to have no appreciation of the flower fresh bathed in heaven's dew. 不过,大学并不是万能的“雅典学园”。你不会在这里遇到伟大的灵魂,也不会与智慧面面相对,你甚至感觉不到他们手指的触摸。虽然他们是确实存在的,但是他们似乎已经变成了干枯的木乃伊。在我们确信已经拥有了弥尔顿或者以赛亚之前,我们必须要将他们从知识的缝隙中抽取出来,并对其进行细致入微的分析,而不仅仅是自作聪明的模仿。在我看来,很多学者都忘记了这样一个事实,我们因伟大文学作品而产生的共鸣,更多地是依赖于我们深切的同情心,而非我们的理解力。问题是留存在人们记忆中的文化精髓极其稀少。不妨说,精髓的传承犹如枝条上垂下的成熟果实——你能够寻觅到一朵花、一条根茎和一束枝条的生长轨迹,但是你却不会对滋润鲜花的天堂雨露心存感激。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170909/492606.html