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342. Children in low-income families and poor communities are less likely to take organized youth sports for granted because they often lack the resources needed to pay for participation fees, equipment, and transportation to practices and games and their communities do not have resources fio build and maintain sports fields and facilities. 英语四级译文: 对于来自低收人家庭和贫困社区的孩子来说,参加有组织的青少年体育活动就不太可能是理所当然的了,因为他们通常缺少必要的经费去支付参与费用、设备和交通费用,而且他们的社区也没有资源去修建和维护体育场及体育设施。 四级词汇讲解: in low-income families and poor communities为主语children的后置定语。 community意为“社区”;be likely to do sth.意为“很可能做某事”。because引导的是原因状语从句,其中needed to...practices and games为resources的后置定语。 英语四级考点归纳: pay的常见搭配为: ※pay (sb.) money for sth.意为“付钱(给某人)买某物”。如: I have to pay them 1,000 yuan for this room each month.我每个月要付他们1000元的房租。 ※pay for sth.意为“支付某物的钱”。如: I have to pay for the book lost.我不得不赔丢失的书款。 ※pay for sb.意为“替某人付钱”。如: Don't worry! I'll pay for you.别担心,我会给你付钱的。 ※pay sb.意为“付钱给某人”。如: They pay us every month.他们每月给我们报酬。 ※pay money back意为“还钱”。如: May I borrow 100 yuan from you? I'll pay it back next week.你能借给我100块钱吗?下周还你。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170902/490536.html