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Mr. Vining was a stranger to me, and could not communicate with me, except by writing braille. The proctor was also a stranger, and did not attempt to communicate with me in any way. 维宁先生是帕金斯盲人学院的一位教师,除了写盲文,他对我就像陌生人一样,并不同我交流。而监考人也是一个陌生人,他也不打算以任何方式同我交流。 The braille worked well enough in the languages, but when it came to geometry and algebra, difficulties arose. I was sorely perplexed, and felt discouraged wasting much precious time, especially in algebra. It is true that I was familiar with all literary braille in common use in this country—English, American, and New York Point; but the various signs and symbols in geometry and algebra in the three systems are very different, and I had used only the English braille in my algebra. 在对付语言方面,盲文可以说是绰绰有余的,但是一旦用到几何和代数上面,问题就来了。我感到既困惑又沮丧,尤其是代数,在这上面我浪费了许多宝贵时间。事实上,我对这个国家通用的所有字母盲文熟稔于心——英式、美式,以及纽约浮点式;但是面对几何和代数变化多端的符号和标记,这三种盲文体系的表现形式却是大相径庭,而在代数课中,我只使用过英式盲文。 Two days before the examinations, Mr. Vining sent me a braille copy of one of the old Harvard papers in algebra. To my dismay I found that it was in the American notation. I sat down immediately and wrote to Mr. Vining, asking him to explain the signs. I received another paper and a table of signs by return mail, and I set to work to learn the notation. But on the night before the algebra examination, while I was struggling over some very complicated examples, I could not tell the combinations of bracket, brace and radical. Both Mr. Keith and I were distressed and full of forebodings for the morrow; but we went over to the college a little before the examination began, and had Mr. Vining explain more fully the American symbols. 在考试前两天,维宁先生给我寄来了一份哈佛以前用过的代数试卷。令我感到沮丧的是,这是一份美式标注的(盲文)试卷。于是,我立刻坐下来给维宁先生写信,请他给我解释那些符号的意思。随后,我收到了另外一份试卷和一张数学符号表,就这样,我开始着手学习这些符号标注。当时正是代数考试前一天的晚上,而我还在拼命地分析那些异常复杂的标注,我还是无法知道大括号、圆括号和根号的组合排列方式。凯斯先生和我全都愁眉不展,我们对第二天的考试有了不祥的预感。好在我们在考试那天提前到了一小会儿,而且请维宁先生详细地解释了美式符号的用法。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170823/487822.html