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Mr. Gilman at first agreed to this; but when my tasks had become somewhat perplexing, he insisted that I was overworked, and that I should remain at his school three years longer. I did not like his plan, for I wished to enter college with my class. 一开始吉尔曼先生同意我的想法,但是当我在学业上遇到了稍许的困惑时,他便认定我用功过度了,并且认为我还应该在他的学校里再学三年。我不喜欢他的计划,我更愿意进入大学继续深造。 On the seventeenth of November I was not very well, and did not go to school. Although Miss Sullivan knew that my indisposition was not serious, yet Mr. Gilman, on hearing of it, declared that I was breaking down and made changes in my studies which would have rendered it impossible for me to take my final examinations with my class. In the end the difference of opinion between Mr. Gilman and Miss Sullivan resulted in my mother's withdrawing my sister Mildred and me from the Cambridge school. 11月17日早晨,我感觉身体不适,所以就没有去上课。虽然苏立文小姐知道我的小病并无大碍,但是听到消息的吉尔曼先生断言我的病情不容乐观,于是就对我的课业安排做出了调整,其结果就是我不可能随班参加期末考试了。最终,吉尔曼先生和苏立文小姐的分歧直接导致了我的母亲把我和米尔德莱德从剑桥女子学院接走。 After some delay it was arranged that I should continue my studies under a tutor, Mr. Merton S. Keith, of Cambridge. Miss Sullivan and I spent the rest of the winter with our friends, the Chamberlins in Wrentham, twenty-five miles from Boston. 经过了短暂的耽搁,学校安排我继续学习,这次我的导师是剑桥的默顿·S.凯斯先生。这一年的冬天,除了在学校学习,我和苏立文小姐的其余时间都是同我们的朋友一起度过的。我们的朋友钱伯林家住在兰瑟姆,那里距波士顿二十五英里远。 From February to July, 1898, Mr. Keith came out to Wrentham twice a week, and taught me algebra, geometry, Greek and Latin. Miss Sullivan interpreted his instruction. 1898年2月至7月,凯斯先生每周两次来到兰瑟姆,主要是教我代数、几何、希腊语和拉丁文课程。苏立文小姐为他做翻译。 In October, 1898, we returned to Boston. For eight months Mr. Keith gave me lessons five times a week, in periods of about an hour. He explained each time what I did not understand in the previous lesson, assigned new work, and took home with him the Greek exercises which I had written during the week on my typewriter, corrected them fully, and returned them to me. 1898年10月,我们返回了波士顿。在其后的八个月中,凯斯先生每周给我上五次课,每次大约一个小时。每次上课,他首先解答我上一节课不懂的难点,然后再布置新作业;同时,他把我在打字机上完成的希腊文作业带回家修改,等下次上课时再把作业退给我。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170817/486036.html