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Chapter XIX 第十九章 When I began my second year at the Gilman school, I was full of hope and determination to succeed. But during the first few weeks I was confronted with unforeseen difficulties. Mr. Gilman had agreed that that year I should study mathematics principally. I had physics, algebra, geometry, astronomy, Greek and Latin. Unfortunately, many of the books I needed had not been embossed in time for me to begin with the classes, and I lacked important apparatus for some of my studies. The classes I was in were very large, and it was impossible for the teachers to give me special instruction. Miss Sullivan was obliged to read all the books to me, and interpret for the instructors, and for the first time in eleven years it seemed as if her dear hand would not be equal to the task. 当我在吉尔曼的学校开始第二年的学习生涯时,我满怀希望,内心里充满了必胜的信心。但是在最初的几个星期里,我遇到一些意外的难题。吉尔曼先生认为我在这一年里应该以学习数学为主。当时我学习的课程有物理、代数、几何学、希腊语和拉丁文。不幸的是,我需要的许多书都没有被制成盲文,因此在有些科目上,我缺少了必要的学习工具。而且,这些科目都是很多人一起上的大课,老师不可能为我做单独辅导。苏立文小姐只得把所有的课本读给我听,还要为我翻译老师的话。十一年来,她那双神奇的手头一次流露出力不从心的迹象。 It was necessary for me to write algebra and geometry in class and solve problems in physics, and this I could not do until we bought a braille writer, by means of which I could put down the steps and processes of my work. I could not follow with my eyes the geometrical figures drawn on the blackboard, and my only means of getting a clear idea of them was to make them on a cushion with straight and curved wires, which had bent and pointed ends. I had to carry in my mind, as Mr. Keith says in his report, the lettering of the figures, the hypothesis and conclusion, the construction and the process of the proof. In a word, every study had its obstacles. 对我而言,在课堂上求解物理题,进行代数和几何运算都是必须要掌握的技能。起初我无法顺利地学习这些知识,直到我们购置了一台盲文书写器。通过这台机器,我可以把自己的工作进程记录下来。我无法看到那些画在黑板上的几何图形,我获取形象认识的唯一手段,就是以一个靠垫做依托,再把几何图形用或直或弯的细铁丝拼接出来。我不得不在脑海中描摹这些图形。正如凯斯先生在他的报告中所说的那样,我不但要抓住图形的形状,还要进行假设、演算和推理论证。一言以蔽之,每一个环节都是一种障碍。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170812/484461.html