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I lived with several others in one of the pleasant houses connected with the school, the house where Mr. Howells used to live, and we all had the advantage of home life. I joined them in many of their games, even blind man's buff and frolics in the snow; I took long walks with them; we discussed our studies and read aloud the things that interested us. Some of the girls learned to speak to me, so that Miss Sullivan did not have to repeat their conversation. 我和其他几个同学住在与学校相连的一幢房子里,豪厄尔斯先生曾在这里居住过,所以说,我们可能都从这所房子里得着点“仙气”。同学们的很多游戏我都参加,甚至是雪中捉迷藏;我和她们一同远足;我们还会在一起讨论功课,高声朗读我们感兴趣的文章。有些女孩学会了同我“交谈”,这样苏立文小姐就用不着为我重复她们的话了。 At Christmas, my mother and little sister spent the holidays with me, and Mr. Gilman kindly offered to let Mildred study in his school. So Mildred stayed with me in Cambridge, and for six happy months we were hardly ever apart. It makes me most happy to remember the hours we spent helping each other in study and sharing our recreation together. 那一年,我的母亲和小妹妹和我一同度过了圣诞节。其间,热心的吉尔曼先生还把米尔德莱德安排在他的学校读书。就这样,米尔德莱德和我一起待在了剑桥,差不多有六个月的时间,我们几乎形影不离。我们在一起分享快乐;我们俩互相帮助,一学就是好几个小时。那真是一段令人愉快的时光。 I took my preliminary examinations for Radcliffe from the 29th of June to the 3rd of July in 1897. The subjects I offered were Elementary and Advanced German, French, Latin, English, and Greek and Roman history, making nine hours in all. I passed in everything, and received "honours" in German and English. 1897年6月29日至7月3日,我参加了拉德克利夫学院的预科考试。我报考的科目有初级和高级德语、法语、拉丁文、英语、希腊语和古罗马史。几门考试总共用了九个小时。我不仅通过了全部考试,而且德语和英语成绩是“优等”。 Perhaps an explanation of the method that was in use when I took my examinations will not be amiss here. The student was required to pass in sixteen hours—twelve hours being called elementary and four advanced. He had to pass five hours at a time to have them counted. The examination papers were given out at nine o'clock at Harvard and brought to Radcliffe by a special messenger. Each candidate was known, not by his name, but by a number. I was No. 233, but, as I had to use a typewriter, my identity could not be concealed. 在此,将我参加考试的程序做一番介绍或许是无伤大雅之举吧。参加考试的学生应该在十六个小时内通过测试——包括十二个小时的初级考试和四个小时的高级考试。一般来说,做完这些答卷至少也要五个小时。试卷于早晨九点在哈佛启封,并且用特别邮件送到拉德克利夫。每一个应试者都被登记在册,但与其对应的不是姓名,而是一个号码。我是第233号,因为我必须要使用一台(盲文)打字机的缘故,所以我的识别号码是无法隐藏的。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170807/482960.html