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In German I read, partly with my fingers and partly with Miss Sullivan's assistance, Schiller's "Lied von der Glocke" and "Taucher," Heine's "Harzreise," Freytag's "Aus dem Staat Friedrichs des Grossen," Riehl's "Fluch Der Schonheit," Lessing's "Minna von Barnhelm," and Goethe's "Aus meinem Leben." I took the greatest delight in these German books, especially Schiller's wonderful lyrics, the history of Frederick the Great's magnificent achievements and the account of Goethe's life. I was sorry to finish "Die Harzreise," so full of happy witticisms and charming desCRIptions of vine-clad hills, streams that sing and ripple in the sunshine, and wild regions, sacred to tradition and legend, the gray sisters of a long-vanished, imaginative age—desCRIptions such as can be given only by those to whom nature is "a feeling, a love and an appetite." 另外,一半靠苏立文小姐的帮助,一半靠我自己的手指,我还“阅读”了一些德文著作。席勒的《钟之歌》和《潜水者》,海涅的《哈尔茨山游记》,弗赖塔格的《从弗雷德里希大帝的国度来》,里尔的《美的诅咒》,莱辛的《明娜·冯·巴尔赫姆》,以及歌德的《诗与真》。我怀着极大的兴致阅读了这些德文名著,尤其是席勒笔下的恢弘诗篇,比如他对腓特烈大帝所取得的历史成就的赞颂,以及对歌德个人生活的描述。我怀着恋恋不舍的心情读完了《哈尔茨山游记》,这部诗集可谓妙语连珠,对醉人美景的描写随处可见——紫藤覆盖的山野,阳光下水波潋滟的溪流,蛮荒之地,神圣的仪轨和传奇,尘封已久的“灰衣姊妹”,富于想象力的年纪——只有那些对大自然怀有“真挚的感情和独特鉴赏品位”的人,才能够写出如此生动的诗句。 Mr. Gilman instructed me part of the year in English literature. We read together, "As You Like It," Burke's "Speech on Conciliation with America," and Macaulay's "Life of Samuel Johnson." Mr. Gilman's broad views of history and literature and his clever explanations made my work easier and pleasanter than it could have been had I only read notes mechanically with the necessarily brief explanations given in the classes. 那年,吉尔曼先生曾教过我一段时间的英语文学。我们一起阅读《皆大欢喜》,伯克的《与美国和解的演讲》,还有麦考雷的《塞缪尔·约翰逊的一生》。吉尔曼先生广博的历史学识和文学素养,加之其巧妙的讲解方式,使我切实体会到了学习的轻松与快乐,这完全不同于我在课堂上被灌输的那些教条性知识。 Burke's speech was more instructive than any other book on a political subject that I had ever read. 伯克的演讲比我所读过的任何一本政论书籍更具有教育意义。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170806/482635.html