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公众人物毕业演讲 第455期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(23)

More beautiful than you realize more powerful than you can imagine. 比你所意识到的更美丽比你所想象到的更有力量 But you must imagine it as one great author said the most common way people give up their power. 但你们必须认识到自己的力量如一位作家所言 人们放弃力量的最普遍方式 Is not realizing they have it in the first place I see you. 是最初就没有意识到他们拥有这种力量我看到你了 Class of 2013 I see you that in the harsh winter of this weary world. 2013届毕业生在这个疲惫不堪的世界的严冬中 我看到了你 I see that you like Camus said, are the invincible spring I see you. 我看到你 就像加缪所说的 是不可战胜的春季我看到你了 I see that in a nation dashed with doubt you are the hope. 我看到这个掺杂着怀疑的国家里你就是希望 I see that in a nation that's dismayed by darkness. 我看到这个黑暗笼罩的国家里 You are the light I see that in the country fraught with fear you are courage. 你就是光明我看到这个充满恐惧的国家里 你就是勇气 And that in a nation blinded with bigotry you are the love I see you class of 2013. 我看到这个被偏执蒙蔽双眼的国家里 你就是爱我看到你了 2013届毕业生 And I want you to be like me Every time you hear the national anthem, don't just get up in routine and. 我希望你们像我一样每次听到国歌的时候 不要只是习惯性地起立 Say those words. Please hear them anew for the first time. 唱出歌词 我请你再重新听听它的内涵 Hear those five words at the beginning of that song as a challenge to you. 仔细听听这首歌的前五个单词作为对你们的挑战 Oh, say, can you see Take that challenge to your heart. 哦 你可看见将这个挑战埋在你心里 Oh, say, can you see that in this world as Frederick Douglass says. 哦 你可看见 在这个世界上如弗雷德里克.道格拉斯所言 You won't get everything you pay for but you definitely will pay for everything that you get. 不是付出就能得到一切但任何东西都肯定需要付出才能得到 So pay with your love, pay with your kindness pay with your decency. 所以 付出你的爱 你的善良你的正直 Oh, say, can you see like Martin Luther King said that. 哦 你可看见如马丁.路德.金所说的那样 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170803/481489.html