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公众人物毕业演讲 第454期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(22)

I used to love it. I looked forward to him, say that Frank, it's Cory I would take him out to go shopping. 我原来很喜欢这样 我看着他 说 弗兰克 科里来了我会带他出去购物 He couldn't even see, but he wanted me to take him to the movies I said, Frank, I know this great movie about home improvement. 他什么都看不见 但他还想要我带他去看电影我说 弗兰克 我知道一个关于家居装饰的电影 Saw five In his final days at hospice. 电锯惊魂5他最后的日子是在临终关怀医院度过的 I would go visit him bring him food and drink. 我会去拜访他给他带吃的和喝的 Because the people told me that sometimes he gets so exited that he would eat something if I could show up. 因为工作人员会告诉我 有时他对我的到来会很激动 他会吃些东西 One day I came and the people told me it would not be long and I knew this would be the last time I was with him. 有一天我到那里 工作人员说他时日不多了我知道这将是我和他的最后一次见面 I walked in and I part of me was frustrated that there weren't thousands of people around his bedside. 我走了进去我有些沮丧 他的床前没有成千上万的人守候 People who had heat and hot water and a roof over their heads and dignity in housing because of him but. 人们有了暖气 有了热水 有了不漏雨的房子有了舒适的住所 这都是因为他 I knew that that room was crowded with of course of angels I could see that it was his final moment, his breath was so rapid and strained. 但我知道 病房里肯定挤满了天使我看到弥留之际的他 呼吸急促而勉强 I sat with him for what seemed like hours and eventually I'd would leave Now Frank only said two things to me in that room. 我在他身边坐了好像有几个小时 最后不得不离开在病房里 弗兰克只跟我说了两句 And they both were things he forced out of his mouth One of them was something that we must say more to the people in our lives. 这两句都是他勉强从嘴里挤出来的其中一句是我们应该在生活中和人们更多说的 He simply said, I love you The last thing he said that. 他说 我爱你他说的最后一句 I hold dear in my heart was this man completely blind in a hospital bed. 我铭记于心他在病榻上是完全失明的 Said to me in the most profound and penetrating way for his last time He said. 他最后一次这么跟我说 意味深长而又穿透人心他说 I see you Class of 2013. 我看到你了2013届毕业生 I see you. 我看到你了 I see that you're stronger than you know. 我看到 你比你所知道的更强 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170803/481488.html