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家园Home纪录片 第32期

Around the North Pole, the ice cap has lost 30% of its surface area in 30 years. 在北极圈 三十年来冰冠面积减少了30%。 But as Greenland rapidly becomes warmer,the freshwater of a whole continent flows into the salt water of the oceans. 但当格陵兰岛迅速变暖。一整个大陆的淡水注入海中咸水。 Greenland's ice contains 20% of the freshwater of the whole planet. 格陵兰岛的冰储存地球上20%的淡水。 If it melts, sea levels will rise by nearly seven meters. 如果溶化了海平面会升高七米。 But there is no industry here. 但这里没有工业。 Greenland's ice sheet suffers from greenhouse gases emitted elsewhere on Earth. 格陵兰岛的大冰原受地球其它地方排放的温室气体所影响。 Our ecosystem doesn't have borders. 我们的生态系统并无疆界。 Wherever we are, our actions have repercussions on the whole Earth. 无论在哪里我们的行为在全球各地引起回响。 The atmosphere of our planet is an indivisible whole. 地球的大气层是不可分割的整体。 It is an asset we share. 是我们共享的资产。 On Greenland's surface, lakes are appearing on the landscape. 在格陵兰岛表面湖泊开始形成。 The ice cap has begun to melt at a speed that even the most pessimistic scientists did not envision 10 years ago. 冰冠融化的速度连最悲观的科学家十年前也预计不到。 More and more of these glacier-fed rivers are merging together and burrowing through the surface. 越来越多源自冰川的河流汇集并在表层下穿过。 It was thought the water would freeze in the depths of the ice. 人们以为河水会在冰的深处结冰。 On the contrary, it flows under the ice,carrying the ice sheet into the sea,where it breaks into icebergs. 但恰恰相反它在冰下流过。把冰原带进海洋并碎裂成冰山。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170803/481473.html