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公众人物毕业演讲 第453期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(21)

Fiss and Amar Coleman. 费斯 阿玛尔科尔曼 So many men and women who taught me so much but I will tell you this I still tell you this day I got my BA from Stanford. 很多老师教会了我很多 但我要告诉你们这个我仍然会说 我从斯坦福获得学士学位 But my phd on the streets of Newark from folks who cared enough about me. 但我的博士学位是在纽瓦克的街头巷尾拿到的它来自于足够关心我的那些人 One of those people that I end with is a man named Frank Hutchins Frank was one of the most legendary tenant organizers in Newark history. 其中一个人名叫弗兰克.哈钦斯 最后我要讲他的故事弗兰克是纽瓦克历史上最传奇的承租人抗议组织者之一 In the 1970s, he led the longest rent strike in one of our public housing project in the Central Ward of Newark. 1970年代 他在纽瓦克中心区的一个公共住房项目中 领导了最长的拒付房租行动 And this man I met in my first months in Newark, I was still a law student here. 在纽瓦克初遇此人的时候我还是耶鲁的一名法学学生 And he still says this, until the final years he would always say I knew you were somebody. 他总这么说 直到他生命的最后几年 他说我知道你会成为大人物 You see, he saw things in me that I didn't see in myself He saw things in me that he cared about and loved. 他看到了我自己都没看到的自我他在我身上看到了他所关心和深爱的东西 And he wanted to do everything he could to make manifest in this world So Frank took me under his wings, some of my most early battles in the Newark. 他希望尽一切可能让这些表现到这个世界上我在纽瓦克的早期生涯 一直得到了弗兰克的照顾 As a young graduate of Yale law school who're by his side, taking more slum wars. 当时我刚从耶鲁法学院毕业在他的庇护下 挑战贫困 Defending the rights of residence championing those who might have been poor but had rich spirits. 扞卫居住的权利拥护那些物质贫乏 但精神丰富的人 But I tell you this i've learned about life The days goes so slowly but the years fly by. 我想告诉你们 我从生活中学到的道理一天天看似过得很慢 但一年年却在飞逝 The years took their toll on Frank and his health started to deteriorate. His eyes actually started to fail. 弗兰克一天天地老去他的健康状况每况愈下 他的眼睛逐渐失明 And we started this little funny thing we would do every time we would see each other I would knock on the door and he open door. I knew he couldn't see me. 以致于每次见面时 我们都要重复这滑稽的一幕我会去敲门 他打开门 我知道他看不见我 But I say Frank it's Cory here. He would say I know. I see you Cory Booker. I see you. 我会说 弗兰克 科里来了 他会说我知道 我看到你了 科里.布克 我看到你了 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170802/481186.html