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公众人物毕业演讲 第452期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(20)

We all will be busy but i've seen it in my work in Newark. 我们都会变得很忙但我在纽瓦克的工作中认识到 The true heroes are those people that do the small things Alice Walker's book In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens. 真正的英雄是那些做着小事的人们爱丽丝.沃克的书《寻找母亲的花园》 To paraphrase her, she says it so eloquently that the real revolutionary. 她的话很有说服力 我转述一下她认为真正的革命者 Is always concerned with the least glamorous of things the raising of a child's reading level from 3rd-grade to 4th. 总会去关心那些最不起眼的事将儿童的阅读水平从三年级提升到四年级 The filling out food stamps for people because folks got to eat. 为人们填写食物救济券因为人们要填饱肚子 Revolution or not the taking time to listen to your elders and write things down. 不管革命与否花时间听老者讲话 并将内容记录下来 Because they are our connection to our past and the inspiration for future. 因为这是我们同过去的联系也是对未来的启示 This is who we must be people of great goals and big ambitions but who never yield. 我们必须成为这样的人我们可以有伟大目标和雄心壮志 From telling our authentic truth in every single day My father and mother told me before I ran for office just. 但不能忽视每一天眼前真正的真实我的父母在我从政之前就教过我 Knock on folks' doors, Cory It's so important. I go, why, mom? Because so I can convince them? She said no. 记得多敲门 科里这是很重要 我说 为什么 妈 让他们信服吗她说 不 Because in life always remember this who you are speaks so loudly. 因为生活中 永远记住这个你是谁就已经能够说明一切了 People can't hear what you say be love, be kindness. 大家无法听到你说什么成为爱 成为善 Be justice, don't let it be something you seek let it be something you embody. 成为正义 不要让这些成为你找寻的东西而要让这些成为你所体现的东西 And so I want to end with one final vignette on this idea of vision You see. 关于异象这个概念 我想最后讲一个小插曲你们知道 I left Yale and moved to Newark, New Jersey I feel so connected to this place here. 我离开耶鲁 搬到新泽西纽瓦克我感觉到同这个地方的深刻联系 From Pierson College to my friends at Eliezer I feel so connected here. 从皮尔逊学院到以利以谢的朋友们我感觉同这里联系很深 But I tell you with all sincerity I had some great professors. 但我可以诚实地告诉你们我遇到过一些伟大的教授 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170802/481185.html