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In spite, however, of these advantages, there were serious drawbacks to my progress. Miss Sullivan could not spell out in my hand all that the books required, and it was very difficult to have textbooks embossed in time to be of use to me, although my friends in London and Philadelphia were willing to hasten the work. For a while, indeed, I had to copy my Latin in braille, so that I could recite with the other girls. My instructors soon became sufficiently familiar with my imperfect speech to answer my questions readily and correct mistakes. I could not make notes in class or write exercises; but I wrote all my compositions and translations at home on my typewriter. 尽管具备了这些优势,但是一些很严重的障碍仍对我的学业造成了影响。苏立文小姐不可能把所有指定的书籍在我手上拼写出来。尽管我在伦敦和费城的朋友们正在不遗余力地制作盲文书籍,但是,将这些课本转换成浮雕文字以解我的燃眉之急,这实在是一件极其困难的事。因此,我不得不将拉丁文誊写成布莱叶盲文,这样我就能和其他女孩一起背诵课文了。我的导师们很快就熟悉了我那不完美的语音,而且能迅速地解答我的问题并纠正我的错误。虽然我不在课堂上记笔记或者做练习,但是我会把所有的作文和(盲文)翻译用家里的打字机完成。 Each day Miss Sullivan went to the classes with me and spelled into my hand with infinite patience all that the teachers said. In study hours she had to look up new words for me and read and reread notes and books I did not have in raised print. The tedium of that work is hard to conceive. Frau Grote, my German teacher, and Mr. Gilman, the principal, were the only teachers in the school who learned the finger alphabet to give me instruction. No one realized more fully than dear Frau Grote how slow and inadequate her spelling was. Nevertheless, in the goodness of her heart she laboriously spelled out her instructions to me in special lessons twice a week, to give Miss Sullivan a little rest. But, though everybody was kind and ready to help us, there was only one hand that could turn drudgery into pleasure. 每天,苏立文小姐都会陪我走进课堂,她会以无限的耐心把老师们讲的所有内容在我手上拼写出来。其间,她还要帮我查找生词,并且一遍又一遍地为我读笔记和尚未译成盲文的书籍。这种冗长乏味的工作是常人难以想象的。我的德文老师弗劳·格鲁特女士和院长吉尔曼先生是学院里仅有的两位能用手语字母授课的老师。没有人能切实体会到可爱的弗劳·格鲁特女士的拼写是多么地缓慢和不熟练。尽管如此,她仍然不辞辛劳地一周两次为我拼读授课,而苏立文小姐也可以稍作喘息。可以说,每一个人都会对我们慷慨相助,但最终只有“一只手”能够把苦差变为乐事。 That year I finished arithmetic, reviewed my Latin grammar, and read three chapters of Caesar's "Gallic War." 那一年,我结束了算术课程的学习,复习了拉丁文语法,还读完了三章《高卢战记》。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170801/480966.html