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公众人物毕业演讲 第451期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(19)

And no matter how great and compelling they are as you look into the distance. 不管目标多么伟大 多么吸引人在你眺望远方时 Don't forget about what is right in front of you today because no matter how great your dreams. 不要忘记今天在你眼前的东西因为不管你的梦想有多伟大 No matter how great your destiny, never forget that the biggest thing you can do in any day. 不管你的命运有多伟大 永远不要忘记你每天能做的最伟大之事莫过于 Is a small act of kindness i've learned now that. 小小的善举我现在认识到 Love is not a destination. 爱不是一个目的 It's a way of being Excellence is not something you seek afar. 而是一种存在方式卓越不是你在遥远之处所追逐的 It's something you manifest every single day and that the greatest people. 而是你在每一天所表现所出来的而且最伟大的人 Are not people who preach a good sermon not people who give a good speech. 不是讲道讲得最好的人不是演讲讲得最好的人 It's the people that embody their spirit and their essence in everything they do They know that the change that they need to make. 而是将精神和精髓体现在一切行动中的人他们知道自己所要做的 Is going to be small acts of kindness, decency, and love It's like the story of Gandhi. 不过是一些充满正义和爱的小小善举比如甘地的故事 This great man who did the big thing took on the British empire but yet as he ran for a train and jumped up upon it. 这位伟人如此伟大 带领印度脱离英国殖民统治但有一次他赶火车 跳到火车上 And people pulled him in one of his sandals fell off the train tracks. 人们把他拉上来结果他有一只草鞋掉到了铁轨上 Everybody around just felt a sense of sorrow oh, it's a shame Mahatma Gandhi's scandal fell off. 周围所有人都感到很惋惜哦 太遗憾了 圣雄甘地的草鞋掉了 But Mahatma Gandhi didn't miss a beat He reached out and pulled off his other shoe. 但圣雄甘地没有一点惋惜他脱掉脚上的另外一只鞋 And threw it out on the tracks The man who pulled him up said. 并扔到铁轨上把他拉上车的人说 Gandhi why did you do that? And the great Mahatma said, why?. 甘地 您为什么要这样做圣雄说 为什么 He looked puzzled. He goes because whoever found that one sandal. 他一脸疑惑 他说因为找到那只草鞋的人 Wouldn't it be great if they found another one to go along with it? This. 如果能找到另一只岂不更好这 This is how we're called to live We all will be charging forth from this day to do important things. 这就是我们应有生活方式今天过后 我们都会全速前进去做重要的事 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170801/480894.html