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公众人物毕业演讲 第450期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(18)

Descend upon your being You will have days like this, I promise you. 悲伤会突然来袭你们肯定会有这样的日子 我向你们保证 I take no joy in telling you that there'll be mornings you wake up and you'll feel the weight of shame. 虽然我不想这么说 但这是必然的 某天早上你们会感受到羞愧的重量 Weighing you down in your bed that you don't want to get up I tell you, you will have days like this. 将你压在床上 让你根本不想起来我敢肯定 你们会有这样的日子 Where fear or pain or sorrow or even the stinking malaise of depression where you can't even find your enthusiasm. 恐惧 痛苦 悲伤甚至颓废 压抑 会让你连热情都无法找回 You'll have days like this and i've come to realize that in life, real courage is not giving a big speech. 你们会碰到这样的日子我开始意识到 生活中真正的勇气不是堂皇的演讲 Real courage is not running into a burning building or leading a charge up a hill. 真正的勇气不是冲进着火的建筑也不是带队往山上冲锋 Real courage is when the chorus of chaos. 真正的勇气是当混沌的交响曲唱响时 When the penetrating pain, when the shame descends upon you in a loud ringing cacophony. 当刺骨的疼痛 当难当的羞愧这些不和谐音重重袭来之时 That real courage is holding onto that still voice in your head that says I must keep going. 在你心中坚定的那个声音我必须坚持 这才是真正的勇气 It's that voice that says to you that nothing is a failure if it's not final if I keep going. 这个声音告诉你 没有失败可言 只要不是末日只要还能坚持 That voice that says you get out of bed, no matter what, keep going that voice that says to you, I will not quit, I will not give up. 这个声音告诉你 不管怎样 起床来 继续努力这个声音告诉你 我不会退缩 我不会放弃 No matter how dark the day is, no matter how big my mistake, I won't give up and when the world beats me down I won't lose. 不管夜有多黑 不管错误有多大 我不会放弃就算世界将我打到 我也不会认输 The lessons I could gather while on my knees I won't lose. 跪在地上时 我会吸取所有教训我不会认输 The lessons that I can find in my lowest pits of despair because when I emerge, it's those lessons that will define my being. 在绝望的最底层 我会吸取这些教训而当我站起来时 这些教训将会定义我的存在 And so on that day in a corner of city hall in Newark, New Jersey I found the lesson. 那一天 在新泽西纽瓦克的市政厅角落里我吸取了一个教训 That I hold dear. It's a lessen or vision that as you put your sights on your goals. 我很珍视它 这是一次教训或异象当你把目光集中在目标上时 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170801/480893.html