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公众人物毕业演讲 第448期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(16)

I got another call for shooting was on Court Street in our city I go down there, I do the same thing. I'm. 又接到电话说 我们市的法院街发生枪击事件我到现场 还是和原来一样 Going to people, telling them about our plans telling them that we have to pull together. 给人们讲我们的计划告诉他们 我们需要团结起来 That we are going to fight through this CRIme that we're going to drive down the violence. 我们应该同犯罪进行斗争我们将减少暴力犯罪 I barely paid attention to the dead body on the sidewalk another one being rolled into the ambulance. 我几乎没有关注路边的尸体尸体和往常一样被卷起并抬入救护车 After that night of being important of being the mayor of New Jersey's biggest city. 作为新泽西州最大城市的市长我当了一天的重要人物之后 I went back to my home in the high rises of Brick Towers. 晚上回到家中回到高楼林立的砖石塔楼 I sat there with my Blackberry reviewing the incident reports of the day. 我坐在家里 用黑莓回顾今天重要事件的报道 And then it came to that shooting on Court Street and I looked at my Blackberry and I saw the name of the murdered victim. 这时我看到了法院街的枪击事件黑莓屏幕上赫然显示出遇害者的名字 It was the kid for my lobby It was the young man who was my father. 竟然是大堂里的那个孩子竟然是那个犹如我父亲化身的年轻人 It was this smart and charismatic young man who God had put in front of me every single day. 竟然是上帝赐予我 每天都在我眼前活灵活现的那个聪明且魅力四射的年轻人 I looked at my Blackberry praying that the name would somehow change. 我盯着黑莓祈祷名字改变一下 Praying that it was a mistake or maybe not the same young man, but it was him. 祈祷这仅仅是我看错了祈祷不是同一个年轻人 但事实却正是他 I went to the funeral home on the day that we had services and I did not feel like the mayor of them. 我去了他的葬礼 那一天我们有工作在身 但我不觉得自己像个市长 I didn't feel mayor, I didn't feel important All I could do was stand in the back of that funeral home. 我感觉不到我是市长 感觉不到我有多么重要我只能静静地站在殡仪馆最后 All I could do was to feel a darkness covering my heart As I watched everybody come to this kid's corpse. 我只能感受到黑暗侵袭着我的心灵我看着每个人走到这个孩子的尸体旁 There were teachers and there were community activists and there were politicians there were people from the buildings, there were his classmates. 有老师 有社会活动者 有政治人物有来自那幢大楼的邻居 还有他的同学 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170731/480581.html