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公众人物毕业演讲 第447期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(15)

I was going after the big brass ring I was going after something where I could make a difference. 我正追求重要目标我正追求让我出人头地的东西 This was so important And so I didn't have time to follow up on all the details because I was getting busy. 这太重要了因此 我不再有时间管细枝末节的问题了 因为我很忙 Going after something so important Well i'll tell you that I started coming home. 追求如此重要的东西我告诉你们 从此我回家时 And even though I didn't have a chance to follow up on the connections I was trying to make. 虽然我再也没时间继续同这些小孩保持联系 Or take them to the movies anymore, take them to diners The resiliency and the joy and the laughter of the kids was always there. 我不再带他们去看电影或是吃饭但这些孩子的韧性 欢乐和笑声却总在那里 I remember in the heat of the election they would tease me and chat things when I came home. 我记得选举最激烈时 他们会来取笑我会在我回家时谈论一些事情 One night I came home, and they all had my lawn signs up and they gave me a little parade as I walked into the building. 一天晚上我回家时 他们举着我的草坪标志在我进入大楼时 他们像在为我游行 Shaking a dozen of two lawn signs at me I felt so proud and I did a funny walking. 挥舞着十几二十个草坪标志我感到很自豪 故意像这样走路 Then I all of a sudden scratched my head and wondered to myself where did they get these lawn signs from?. 然后突然我抓了抓脑袋 心想这些草坪标志从哪来 Somebody's lawn has cut naked now Well I got elected mayor. I won a big victory. 有人的草坪被剪秃了后来 我被选为市长 赢得了伟大胜利 And now I was mayor elect getting calls from presidential candidates. 这时 我成为了民选市长收到总统候选人的贺电 Getting calls from around the country I was important. 收到来自全国的贺电我很重要 And I had an important mission I was running after that mission. 而且我有一个重要使命我正追随这一使命 Violent CRIme in my city of the time was spiking up and I was on a mission to stop it. 当时我们市的暴力犯罪率正急速增长而我的使命就是制止暴力犯罪 Every time there was a shooting in my city whether it was 2 in the afternoon or 2 o'clock at night I was there. 每次市里发生枪击事件 不管是下午2点还是凌晨2点 我都会到现场 Standing around with people I would charge to them and say this is not who we are. 同民众站在一起我会冲向他们 告诉他们 这不是我们应该做的 We're Newark, New Jersey, we're better than this we're stronger than this. Like a pastor in a church. 我们是新泽西纽瓦克人 我们不该如此糟糕我们应该更强大 我就像教堂的牧师 I was giving testimony to everybody of who we were and I was the mayor, so important. 我要求每个人认清 我们是谁我是市长 如此重要 People wanted to hear what I had to say People will come out of their buildings and talk to me I would try to. 人民想要听我说些什么人们会从建筑中出来 跟我讲话 Cater to them and encourage them Press would meet me on the corners and they would interview me because I was so important. 而我要满足他们 鼓励他们新闻媒体会对我围追堵截 希望采访我 因为我如此重要 And i'll never forget one month into my time as mayor. 我永远不会忘记我当了一个月市长的时候 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170730/480244.html