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公众人物毕业演讲 第446期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(14)

Low-income families and great Americans I still say it's one of the greatest phases i've ever lived in my life. 低收入家庭 以及伟大的美国人我现在仍然认为 这是我生命中最好的时期之一 These buildings some of the greatest leaders and teachers or some of the elders in these buildings. 这些建筑中住着一些最伟大的领袖 教师 还有一些老者 Holding them together with their spirit and their courage and their grit and their conviction. 他们聚在一起充满了精神 勇气 毅力 信念 I watched not just the older folks but I watched the kids eight years of living there. 我不仅观察这里的老者我还观察这里住的八岁小孩 I watched the kids grow up There was a group of kids that used to hang in the lobby of my buildings. 我看着他们长大这些建筑的大堂中 总有一群这样的孩子在玩耍 Guys, and I tell you they were funny, they were amazing. 同学们 我告诉你们他们很有趣 很讨人喜欢 I would come home at the end of long days or even when I was hanging out with my friends and I would hang out 15, 20 minutes in the lobby. 我经过漫长的一天回到家 甚至要和朋友出去的路上总会花15到20分钟时间 Just talking with the kids sometimes I watched them get older and I saw one in particular. 在大堂里同这些孩子聊上几句我看着他们长大 特别是有一个孩子 He reminded me of my dad. He had that quick wit, that great swagger. 他让我想起了我的父亲他脑筋转得很快 走路大摇大摆 He had an intelligence about him. He was my father incarnate They were both so similar born to single moms. They were both so similar. 他很富有智慧 简直就是我父亲的化身他们有相似的遭遇 都是单亲母亲带大 They compelled me both Well, as I got older and as I got closer to my mayor election. 他们都非常让我着迷随着我的年龄增大 随着我市长大选的临近 I saw some things that troubled me When I came home, and they started showing colors, I started. 我看到了一些很让我困扰的事情我回家时 发现他们开始展露他们的变化 Seeing signs that they were with the blood and getting involved with gangs I then sort of coming home and. 我看出他们身上带血 同帮派有所来往之后我回家时 The lobby would smell like marijuana which I last smelled on places of this campus. 在大堂闻到了大麻的味道上次我闻到这种味道 还是在这个校园 And so I realized that I had to do something to intervene and I started taking them out. 是我意识到 我应该做点什么来防止他们变坏我开始带他们出去 I said, hey, guys, let's got a movie, any movie that you want to see. Let's go and they chose this movie that I thought was about home improvement. 我说 伙计们 我带你们去看电影吧 想看什么都行他们选择了一场我认为是关于家居装饰的电影 Called Saw and I started taking them to the diners to eat something. 叫电锯惊魂我还请他们出去吃饭 And I sort of bringing friends of mine who had been involved with gangs but hadn't gotten out. 我还邀请了我的一些曾经加入过帮派 但最后退出了的朋友 And we had these amazing sessions of mentor shipping, conversation but suddenly. 跟他们促膝长谈 尝试引导他们走向正途但突然之间 I got busy chasing after something really important I was running for mayor. 我变得很忙 追求一个非常重要的事情我要竞选市长 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170730/480243.html