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公众人物毕业演讲 第445期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(13)

It's not We're all on the same plane. 并不像我们都在同一架飞机上 When we hit turbulence, it shakes us all We may not realize it but it does. When. 碰到紊流时 我们所有人都会摇晃我们可能没意识到 但事实确实如此 We have a hole in the fuselage, threatens all of our well-being and if we go down, we don't go down where the first-class land safely and. 机身上出现破洞时 所有人的安危都会受到影响如果飞机坠落 不会说 头等舱乘客安全落地 And those in economy are the ones that died We go down, we go down together. 而经济舱乘客死亡要坠落 大家会一起坠落 But I know from my experience from the gains that we're making in Newark that if we come together, if we work together, if we stand together. 但根据我从纽瓦克成功中所获得的经验如果我们聚到一起 齐心协力 联合起来 If we see each other if we see each other. 如果我们看到彼此如果我们看到彼此 We see the divinity of each other, then we will never go down We will rise, we will rise, and we will rise. 我们看到彼此的命运 那么我们将永远不会坠落我们会上升 我们会进步 我们会一直提高 My mom and my grandmother are great for telling stories that are the unvarnished truths. 我母亲和祖母很擅于讲毫无掩饰的真相 And this is in their spirit When I was a young man. 这根植于她们的精神中我曾是一个年轻小伙 Now a city council person, then ran for mayor lost my first election and that's a great piece of advice. 之后成为市议会议员 然后竞选市长第一次竞选我失败了 这是一条很好的忠告 It's that if you're going to have a spectacular failure have a capture by a documentary team. It's incredible. 也就是 如果你要遭遇一次重大失败找一个纪录片摄制组帮你记录 这很重要 My first election. I was horrible loss but it got into a documentary called Street Fight. 第一次竞选我输得很惨但是选举过程被拍成一部名为街头大战的纪录片 That was on the Tribeca film festival and then I had a ignominies ending. 它还上了翠贝卡电影节然后 我得到了一个耻辱的结局 Because i've lost in the Academy Awards to March of the Penguins I'm a vegetarian but I make an exception for penguin meat. I must say. 因为我在奥斯卡金像奖评选中输给了帝企鹅日记我是素食主义者 但唯一的例外是 我吃企鹅肉 Flightless rodents I'm not bitter. I'm not bitter at all. 不能飞的啮齿动物相信我 我绝对没有怀恨在心 But in the years between my loss and my eventual victory I kept living in these high-rise buildings that became public housing projects. 就在我失败和最终胜利的这些年间我一直住在这些成为公共住房项目的高层建筑中 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170729/479942.html