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权力的游戏(Game of Thrones) 第1季 第10集 第12期

这群人有一半连想都不想就会把你交给国王 This lot, half of them would turn you over to the king 以换取赦免 quick as spit for a pardon. 而另一半也会这么做 And the other half would do the same, 不过会先强暴你再说 except they'd rape you first. 所以你小心一点 So keep to yourself... 要撒尿就自个儿到林子里撒 and when you piss, do it in the woods alone. 你和这帮人待着 小子 You stay with this lot, boy. 别乱跑 And stay... 不然你就跟他们仨锁在马车后面 or I'll lock you in the back of the wagon with these three. 看路 小矮子 Watch yourself, midget. 他竟然有一把剑 He's got a sword, this one. 你这种贱人要剑干嘛 What's a gutter rat like you doing with a sword? 说不定是哪家的小跟班 Maybe he's a little squire. 他才不是啥跟班 你瞧瞧 He ain't no squire. Look at him. 简直就一娘们儿 He looks like a girl. 我敢打赌 八成是偷来的 I bet he stole that sword. 拿来瞧瞧 Let's have a look. 我倒很想有这么一把剑哩 I could use me a sword like that. -你去抢来啊 -拿剑来 小矮子 - Take it off him. - Give it here, midget. 你看这家伙 Look at him! 你最好把剑拿给热派 You'd better give Hot Pie the sword. 他以前把一个男孩活活踢死了 I've seen him kick a boy to death. 我把他揍倒在地 然后猛踢他老二 I knocked him down and I kicked him in the balls 一直踢到他死为止 and I kept kicking him until he was dead. 我把他踢得稀烂 I kicked him all to pieces. -你最好把剑拿来 -你想要吗 - You better give me that sword! - You want it? 我可以给你 I'll give it to you. 我杀过一个小胖子 I already killed one fat boy. 我敢打赌 你没杀过人 I bet you never killed anyone. 你刚才那是撒谎 但我是说真的 I bet you're a liar. But I'm not. 我最会杀小胖子 I'm good at killing fat boys. 最喜欢杀小胖子 I like killing fat boys. 你就喜欢欺负小个子 是吧 Oh, you like picking on the little ones, do you? 要知道 我打铁有十年了 You know, I've been hammering an anvil these past 10 years. 我打铁的时候 铁会唱歌 When I hit that steel, it sings. 我打你的时候 你会不会唱啊 Are you gonna sing when I hit you? 这是城里铁匠用精钢打的 This is castle-forged steel. 你从哪儿偷的 Where'd you steal it? -别人送我的 -无所谓了 - It was a gift. - It don't matter now. 我们要去的地方 没人计较你的过去 Where we're going, they don't care what you've done. 多得是强奸犯 小偷 强盗 杀人犯 They've got rapers, pickpockets, highwaymen ... murderers. -那你呢 -武器师傅的学徒 - Which are you? - Armorer's apprentice. 师傅不想要我了 But my master got sick of me,来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170728/479617.html