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公众人物毕业演讲 第443期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(11)

And I looked at her. Where am I sitting? Ma'am, I'm in first class And this was the first time I had flown in first class. 我看着她 我在哪坐 女士 我可是坐头等舱这是我平生第一次坐头等舱 And they have seats in first class that are made for former tight end from Stanford university. 而且头等舱的座位简直太适合我这位前斯坦福大学的近端锋了 They are wide seats and I sat down, feeling the room that I had and then they come over and offer you a drink. 座位非常宽敞 坐下后我还能感到有空间剩余然后乘务人员还专门提供饮料 Now I don't drink, I usually just have water on planes but this was first class, I decide to make an exception. 我一般不喝 因为我一般在飞机上只有水喝但这是头等舱 我打算破例 I look at the woman and I say Would you please bring me some perry ade?. 我对空姐说能给我来点梨酒吗 Now I have my drink We've pulled back from the gate. 我喝着我的饮料飞机已经离开航站楼 We're going down the runway and the captain comes on the speaker and says I would like to welcome you all. 正在跑道上准备起飞 我听到扬声器中 机长说欢迎大家乘坐 To flight 4873 going to Miami I had a nice drink. 飞往迈阿密的4873次航班我喝得很舒服 I had a wide seat I was first class. 位置也很宽敞我是头等舱乘客 But I was headed in the wrong direction Now why do I tell you this story?. 但我却飞错了方向为什么我要把这个故事讲给你们 In the spirit of the patriarchs of my family Because the first thing about vision I want you to understand. 这是本着我家父系传统的精神因为关于异象我首先想要你们了解的是 Is to understand deep in your heart as you enter a world with aspirations, with goals. 你们需要在心中深刻认识到在你满怀志向和目标进入这个世界时 Is to always understand that first-class in life. 你总需要理解生活中的"头等" Has nothing to do with where you sit on an airplane First-class in life has nothing to do with the clothes you wear. 同你在飞机上坐哪毫无关联生活中的"头等" 无关于你穿的什么衣服 Or the car you drive, or the house that you live in First-class is about and always will be about the content of your character. 开的什么车 住的什么房子头等永远都只关乎你个人的品性 The quality of your ideas the kindness in your heart. 你思想的品质你心中的善良 This is first class i've found first class from the high-rise projects of Newark. 这才是"头等"我找到了"头等" 从纽瓦克的高层建筑项目 To the nice homes of Beverly Hills i've found first class in drug treatment centers in my city. 到贝弗利山的好房子我找到了"头等" 从我城市的戒毒中心 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170728/479613.html