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公众人物毕业演讲 第441期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(09)

And so I do what I have to do and because of honor and righteousness. 于是我做了我必须做的事为了荣耀和正义 I cut everybody in line And now, there is carry-on baggage being thrown at the back of my head. 我插队到每个人的前面这时 有人把行李箱扔过来 砸到我的后脑勺上 It's not mother's day but I'm being called a mother And I lean at the counter. 这一天不是母亲节 但却有人管我叫大妈我不顾一切 把身子倾往柜台 And I say ma'am, I want flight 2222 going to San Francisco. 我说女士 我要飞往旧金山的2222次航班 Please give me my ticket And the woman looks at me, she goes, sir. 请把票给我那位女士看着我说 先生 I don't know if you're aware but that flight leaves in six minutes and probably closed the door already. I'm sorry sir you can't get on that plane. It's. 您可能没意识到 但航班将在6分钟后起飞舱门可能已经关闭 我很抱歉先生 您不能登机 这是 Impossible This woman did not know my mother. 不可能的这位女士肯定不认识我母亲 So I put my hand on my hip and I said you know some my mama told me, ain't no such thing as impossible. 于是我把手插到腰间我说 你知道吗 我妈妈教过我 没有什么是不可能的 And then let me tell you I don't care if you're Irish, if you're Italian, if you're Korean, if your Columbian. 而且让我告诉你我不管你是爱尔兰人 意大利人 韩国人 还是哥伦比亚人 If you're New Jerseyan sometimes you've got to get ethnic on people. 只要你是新泽西人有时 你就需要跟人们讲种族的道理 And so I put on my hand on my other hip and I said and my grandmama told me. 于是 我把手插到另外一侧的腰间我说 我奶奶教过我 That black people have been making a way out of no way for a long time I'm going to get on that plane, ma'am. 很久以来 黑人一直都是在没有道路的地方 走出自己的道路我要上这趟飞机 女士 And so at this point she must have known my aid, because she rolls her eyes too. 这时她肯定是认识我的助手 因为她也朝我翻白眼 And she says you can go ahead and try, she hands me my ticket Well, at this point, I throw my bag over my shoulder. 她说 那你自己去试试吧 她把票递给我这时 我把行李袋背在身后 And I start sprinting through that airport jumping over bags, dodging people, running through the airport like a man from a. 然后在机场飞奔跳过行李袋 闪避人群 就像一个广告中 Commercial, we don't talk about anymore The older people get that joke a lot better than the younger ones. 冲过机场的人一样 我们不再讲这个了老一辈对这个笑话的了解 要比年轻人更好 And I get about 25 yards from the gate and there's this woman putting the combination on the door. 在我离大门只有25码的地方我看到有位女士正在按密码关门 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170727/479280.html