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公众人物毕业演讲 第440期:科里布克2013年耶鲁大学(08)

But when I say a fight, I mean a literal fight Someone had me in a headlock. 反正我这里说的打架是动真格的有人把我脑袋夹住 2 people around my legs and my aid bursts into the council chambers and says Cory. 两个人抱着我的腿这时我助手火急火燎冲到议会大厅 他说 科里 You've got to go man Your plane leaves in fifteen minutes. 你需要出发了 老兄你的飞机15分钟后起飞 You've got to go to on your plane and then he pauses for a second and looks at his watch and he goes you know what. 你需要赶飞机了他停下来看了看表 然后你猜他说了什么 Forget it. You're going to miss this plane. It's only fifteen You can't make it Cory. It's impossible. 算了吧 飞机肯定赶不上了 只剩15分钟了你做不到 科里 已经不可能了 Now what my aid didn't realize at that point is that he let that word slip, a word that I had been taught. 我助手这时还完全没有注意到他说漏嘴了一个词 这是我从小到大所受的教诲中 Is a word I had to reject, this word, impossible As soon as he said, I knew he knew what was coming. 一直都非常抵制的一个词 也就是"不可能"说这个之后 他肯定会立刻认识到问题的严重性 Something I tended to do back then which is I put my hand on my hip. 我肯定立刻对此进行回击我把手叉在腰间 And I looked at him and I said you know some my mama told me, ain't no such thing as impossible. 我瞪着他 我说 你知道吗我妈妈教过我 没有什么是不可能的 And thank you for applauding but he didn't applaud. 谢谢你们鼓掌但他没有鼓掌 He just rolled his eyes at me and he goes, here we go. 他只是白了我一眼说 那走吧 And so he ran and got the car and drove it around to the front of city hall I charged out of the city hall, dove into the car. 于是他跑着把车开到市政厅前我猛冲出市政厅 钻进车里 And we raced off to Newark airport I'm the mayor of the city now. 然后开车飞奔向纽瓦克机场我现在是纽瓦克市长了 I cannot tell you we broke any traffic laws As I was walking around with dignitaries from the university. 我不能告诉你们说 我违反过交通法规我现在和这所大学的显要人物们在一起 I could not tell them that I broke any law here as well but we get to the airport. 我也不能告诉他们 我违反过交通法规无论如何 我们顺利到达了机场 And those people who, no advanced mathematics, you know the equation that has been tested by the smartest people on the planet. 哪怕没有学过数学的人 也都知道地球上最聪明的学者所验证得出的公式 Usually at airport, they test this theory that simply says the more of a hurry you're in. 通常在机场 这个公式也就是说你越急着赶飞机 The longer the line at the airport and so I walked into the 4A, I see the counters there, long line, but I. 机场的队就会排得越长于是我走到4A柜台 排了很长的队 但我 Cory Booker, I'm being called to prove that impossible things are possible I'm here to attack the cynicism of the non-believers. 科里.布克 受到上帝召唤 来证明没有不可能的事我负有击溃不信神者冷嘲热讽的使命 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170727/479279.html