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权力的游戏(Game of Thrones) 第1季 第10集 第08期

是我替你求情 I spoke for you. 是我救了你 I saved you. 救我 Saved me? 孩子 你救我之前 Three of those riders had already 我已经被三名骑手上过了 raped me before you saved me, girl. 我见到我神的庙堂遭到焚烧 I saw my god's house burn, 而我曾在那里医治过不计其数的善男信女 there where I had healed men and women beyond counting. 街上随处可见堆堆人头 In the streets I saw piles of heads... 人头堆里有给我做面包吃的烘焙师傅 the head of the baker who makes my bread, 有罹患热病 the head of a young boy 好容易才救活的小男孩 也就三个月前的事 that I had cured of fever just three moons past. 你倒是说说看 So tell me again exactly what it was 你救了什么 that you saved. 我救了你的命 Your life. 那就好好瞧瞧你的卡奥 Why don't you take a look at your khal... 让你明白当一切都消失的时候 Then you will see exactly what life is worth 生命究竟有何价值 when all the rest has gone. 你不能走 You can't! 山姆 别挡道 Get out of my way, Sam. 他们会放出话去 They'll put out the word. 派出渡鸦 会有人来追你的 They'll send out ravens. People will come after you. 你知道逃兵会有何下场吗 Do you know what happens to deserters? 比你清楚 Better than you do. 你打算怎么做 What are you going to do? 直接去找我哥 I'm gonna find my brother 然后亲手血刃乔佛里国王 and put a sword through King Joffrey's throat. 你不能这样一走了之 大伙需要你 You can't leave us now. We need you here. -走开 -我不会放你走 - Move. - I won't let you go. -走开 -不 - Move. - No. 御前首相 Hand of the King? 看来是这样 So it would seem. 你老爸还说 And your father said you 不准你带任何人去君临 couldn't take anyone with you to King's Landing. 不 他只说不准我带你去君临 No, he said I couldn't take you with me to King's Landing. 他特意强调这一点 He was very specific on that point. 他知道我的名字 He knew my name? 什么 What? 他说"不准带雪伊去君临"吗 He said, "Don't bring Shae with you to King's Landing"? 相信他用的是"妓女"这个词 I believe he used the word "Whore." 怕我丢了你的脸吗 Are you ashamed of me? 怕我在宫廷上跳脱衣舞是吗 Are you afraid that i'm dancing around the court with my tits out? 我现在很可笑是吧 I'm funny now? 我是可笑的妓女雪伊 I'm Shae the funny whore. 我老爸可能是海内最有权势的人 My father's probably the most powerful man in the country. 财力更是无人能及 Certainly the richest. 他可以将七国玩弄于股掌 He has all Seven Kingdoms in his pockets. 无论何人 来自何方 Everyone everywhere来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170726/478951.html