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钓鱼岛真相 第14期:美国两次向日本投下原子弹(02)

The time is 9:05 AM, 现在是上午9:05 the Japanese has been on board exactly 10 minutes. 日方刚刚上船十分钟 Swarms of United States aircraft 当仪式结束时 flying formation overhead as the ceremony ends. 美国战机排列着整齐的阵势 盘旋在上空 The final United Nations victory has been won. 联合国最终胜利 The war is over. 战争结束 Peace is here. 和平到来 In the 1943 Human Rights Treaty of Cairo in Egypt, 1943年的《开罗人权宣言》中 and the 1945 German Potsdam Proclamation, 以及1945年的《波茨坦公告》里 British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, 英国首相温斯顿·丘吉尔 US. President Harry Truman, 美国总统哈里·杜鲁门 and Soviet Marshall Josef Stalin 苏联大元帅约瑟夫·斯大林 ordered Japan to return to China 命令日本向中国 all ceded territories 退还所有1895年《马关条约》中 of the 1895 Shimonoseki Treaty. 被割让土地 It is at this point 其实这是个很好的时机 that the Diaoyu Islands issue 可就此 could have been easily resolved. 将钓鱼岛问题解决 The Diaoyu, or Senkaku Islands as they are now called by Japan 钓鱼岛 或日本人称为尖阁列岛的岛屿 were not part of the Shimonoseki Treaty, 本不是《马关条约》中的内容 because Meiji Imperial Japan had annexed the islands in 1895 因为明治政府于1895年吞并了这些岛屿 in a moral infringement against China's sovereignty. 完全没有顾及中国的主权考虑 Japan treated the islands as the war booty, 日本视此岛为战利品 and incorporated them as part of the Okinawa Prefecture. 并将其纳入冲绳县 This is the historic truth 这便是日本政府 that the Japanese government 至今仍在遮遮掩掩的 continues to ignore today. 历史真相 In this connection 另外 it is interesting to know that only in 1900 还有件值得玩味的事实 那就是 that the Imperial Japan had adopted the name Senkaku for these islands 直到1900年 日本才采用了“尖阁列岛”这个名称 that had always been known since ancient times by their Chinese name, the Diaoyu Islands. 尖阁列岛 就是自古以来属于中国的钓鱼岛 In the 1951 San Fransisco Treaty between Japan and USA 1951年美日签订的《旧金山条约》中 the Diaoyu Islands was placed under the administration of the United States. 钓鱼岛被置于美国的管辖之下 In vain, 中国政府和台湾都 both Beijing and Taiwan 对美国的管辖权 protested this US administration of the Diaoyu Islands. 提出抗议 但徒劳无功 Neither the People's Republic of China nor Taiwan 中国政府和台湾都 were consulted nor invited at the signatories to the 1951 都没被请去参加1951年 San Fransisco Peace Treaty. 《旧金山和平条约》的签字仪式 This clearly demonstrates the political climate of those days, 这个事件鲜明地体现出当时的政治气氛 which was dictated by cold war hysteria. 即一切都受到冷战思维的左右 This is the big picture 这里是“大展望”节目 an official television report to the nation 本节目由美国军队制作 from the United States Army. 面向全国播放 Now to show you part of the big picture, 这位便是 here is Sergeant Stuart Quinn. 斯图阿特·奎因军士 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170725/478610.html